Care Guide


Snap-eaze pasties are meant to snugly fit on the liner, but with millimeter variations in the gloss you might find that one pastie is fitting too snug. To prevent an uncomfortable nipple-twist we recommend priming all pasties to all your liners before wearing.

To prime, simply place the pasties on the liner, and use your thumbs to test the twist. Twist them on and off a few times, then rotate and repeat. Do this until each hook has successfully twisting in each groove. This will wear down areas where the gloss is too thick, and clear excess plastic (sometimes leftover from the 3D printing process) from the hooks and grooves.


Any adhesive you normally use should work fine with Snap-ease, but we recommend using carpet tape. What's nice about carpet tape is it can be cut to the shape of the liner before applying, and be pulled off easily. Spray glues can remain very tacky over time, and while handling the liners might result in stickiness from transferring from your fingers to the front of the liner. If the front of the liner, or inside of the pastie becomes tacky, it could greatly reduce the ease of twisting. If that happens, you might need to clean affected surfaces with an acetone, like nail-polish remover.

When applying glues or tapes, be sure to keep adhesive clear of the small arms on the edge of liner. These arms hold the pastie hook in the groove, but need to be able to bend to allow snapping. The arms are thin, so take care not to bend them or they might snap.


The liners are easily washed with soap and water, or an acetone (like nail-polish), but the small arms that hold the pastie hooks in place are delicate. Take care while washing to avoid bending the arms on the edge of the liner. If you handle them too roughly they might snap.


During trials we did notice that occasionally a liner arm would snap off while removing or washing. All sizes above small have 3 arms, and should still hold in place with the loss of one. We are reworking the thickness in our design to prevent this, but with any snapping plastic mechanism this can happen. We recommend ordering additional backup liners and having them with you so you're prepared.

We recommend that you NEVER glue the pastie directly to your skin. The pasties have hooks and the insides are unfinished, so they might be uncomfortable and poke you with rough plastic. Also, if the glue is not thoroughly cleaned from the inside of the pastie and pastie hooks it might never twist correctly again.