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Lucy Lovelace
The whore next door

Lula L'Amour

Lana Del Taco
Spicy, With A Lot Of Cheese

Leila La Lotus
Dangerously captivating

LaFemme D’Fury

Lola LaVey
Witchy woman of the dark side !

Lava Luscious

Jezza Belladonna
Shaking up the Redwood Curtain with giggles, curls and curves!

Clair Fuxabull

Blanche Bourgeois
The Southern Belle Who Loves To Raise Hell!

Kiki la Chanteuse
Bay Area Burlesques Biggest... VOICE!!

Bunnicula Blanc
The Bunny With The Bite

Tallulah Talons
The Giantess of Burlesque

Willa Wildcarde
She's always got an ace up her sleeve!

Glamour Junkies
Rock n' Roll Neo Burlesque at its F***ing Finest!

Lakota Shekhar, Cleveland's Best Kept Secret
Shimmy Shaker Master Mischief Maker, Cleveland's Best Kept Secret

Darling Darla James
The Sideshow Showgirl

Hard Rock Cafe Philadelphia

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Ru Bella
She's the fever you're dying to catch!

The Black Sheeps of Burlesque

Dolly Porcelain

The Philadelphia Burlesque Festival

Jul 12, 2018 - Jul 15, 2018
Lacey VonTighten

Clara Rose
The pin-up princess who will dance your clothes off

Pearl Necklace
Sparkliest Side-Boob in Burlesque

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