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Great Southern Exposure
Burlesque and Variety Pageant

Dec 02, 2016 - Dec 03, 2016
Boudoir-Noir presents the International Burlesque Circus/Burlypicks - the Dutch edition edition
Burlesque Circus @ Tivoli De Helling

Jul 04, 2015 - Dec 31, 1969
The Queen of Hearts - The Life and Times of a Golden Age Burlesque Star
The newly-released autobiography by Sandy McQueen

The Bier Baron Tavern

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The 2016 Florida Burlypicks
International Burlesque and variety Arts Competition

Jun 18, 2016 - Jun 18, 2016
Burlesque Co-Op of Bloomington
A neutral umbrella for the Burlesquers in Bloomington, Indiana!

The Glass House
a Sideshow, Variety and Burlesque Tribute to Geek Love

Bobbye Pin-Up the Triplethreat

The 2nd Annual International Amsterdam Burlesque Award 2015
Amsterdam, Burlesque, 2015, burlesquefestival, Netherlands

The Irresistible O
The Black Prima Ballerina Of Burlesque

The Chameleon Queen
I am the Chameleon Queen, and I can do anything!

Aisha Kandisha: The Scrupulous Succubus
She'll leave you thirsty for more!

The Lovely Miss Aurora Wells
A Queer and Present Beauty

Evangeline Cain, The Creole Queen
She slithered up from the muddy waters of South Mississippi to vex your souls!

Theda de Sade

Kay Sera: Baltimore/DC-based burlesque performer, supporter and BHoF volunteer
Over the Top. Under the Influence.(sm)

The Alchementalist

Patent Leather Burlesque

BLONDY VIOLET - Burlesque Performer from Northern Italy
Energetic, Heartful and Passionate ITALIAN Burlesque Soul

Mollie De Menthe
Good Golly, Miss Mollie!

Katherine L'purr
formerly fox lafemme

Holidays at The Jefferson: A Classic Burlesque & Vaudeville Showcase @ The Jefferson

"Burlesque is the New Black" at the Boom Boom Room Charlottesville

The Magpie's Cabaret presents: Lederhos'n!!!

Helga the Inconsiderate
*rolls eyes*

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