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Sapphic Cabaret - never a dry seat in the house.

Milan Burlesque Award
& Vintage Village

May 17, 2013 - May 18, 2013
Drop Dead Dames Burlesque Revue
San Diego's Classic Burlesque Revue

Purrrlesque Follies Charity Burlesque Festival

Jan 18, 2013 - Jan 19, 2013
Greensboro     North Carolina
Sgt. Die Wies: Musician, Producer, Artist & Burlesque Performer
The Bay Area's 6 Foot Tall Baby Griaffe ... brutal as hell and metal as F%$#!

Rubi-nesque, Neo-Burlesque Performer
The Renaissance beauty with a nouveau style. Her performances are interpretive, expressive & fluid. She is sensual art in motion, set to evoke & tease the senses.

Mia Malone - Jennings Presents Dr. Farrago's Burlesque Theater
Dr. Farrago's Burlesque Theater was the first Neo-Burlesque troupe in Minneapolis. Our first show was on First Avenue Nightclubs Stage

New Zealand Burlesque Festival
We're Taking It Off Downunder!

Oct 03, 2013 - Oct 12, 2013
Cupcake Burlesque
A little sweet . . . A lot of Sass , the naughiest burlesque in south florida

The Belmont Burlesque Revue
When Bump and Grind is on your Mind!

Show-Me Burlesque
St. Louis

May 16, 2013 - May 18, 2013
St. Louis
Burlesque Downtown Underground
BDU is dedicated to the advancement of the worldwide burlesque revival by creating fun, classy, scintillating, artful, high performance tickle and tease, which is neo-burlesque entertainment aimed to entertain Kansas City audiences and beyond.

Kansas City Burlesque Festival
Burlesque is a little bit risque, definitely exciting and always classy and entertaining; the absolute best local and international Burlesque performers you could ever hope to find, all brought to you here in Kansas City for three beautiful spring days!

Apr 25, 2013 - Apr 27, 2013
Kansas City
Hotsy Totsy Burlesque
We've fallen, we can't get up, and we like it that way!

River City Revue Burlesque
Purveyors of Class, Sass and Panache!

Capital Tease Burlesque
Ottawa's Finest Burlesque Entertainment

Great Canadian Burlesque

Scarlet Darlings Burlesque Troupe
A Bomshell Burlesque Troupe based in San Antonio, TX!

Cherry Blossom Cabaret
Hawaii's premiere burlesque revue!

Bottoms Up Burlesque

Producer of HRW Wiggle Room & Co-Producer of CAROLINA BURLESQUE FESTIVAL
That Rawkin' 'Lil Gypsy Gal


The Burlesque Assassins


Burlesque Massacre
Dance, Strip, Die

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