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Ellie Camino
Queen of the Upside-Down Striptease!

Awkwardly cute and sassy!

Kitté Noire
'To Be Continued......'

Diamond Envy
My shine will make u want more

Azura Dion
Dark darling

Robbyn Dixx

Felix Flex
Flexin is what I do best

Luminous Allure
My Super Power is that I F-ing Glow!

Rosie Afterglow

Michigan Burlesque Festival

Sep 20, 2019 - Sep 21, 2019
Mx. Pucks A'Plenty
The Mxress of DirtyGlam with #nopucksgiven

Pat Smear
Gritty, Gorgeous, and Filled with Riot Grrrl Rage

Luscious D
Pittsburgh's Motivational Stripper

Pepper Wilde
The rhinestoner that will give you a boner!

Kay Brûlée

Buster Von Strapp

Marie X'tasy
Detroit's Very Own Aphrodisiac

Sugar Cheeks
"Vintage class with modern sass"

Ravenna Munster
The Motor City's Bald Babe

Ruby de Cadence

Starlet O' Hara
Burning up the silver screen with curves more eye catching than technicolor!

Peppermint Schnapps

Eve Riot

Chakra Tease
The Sexy, Flexy Goddess of Zen

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