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Doriane Fae
The Fairytale Femme Fatale

Cynna O'Saint

Cynna O'Saint

Cordelia Marie Ransom
Her favorite kind of audience is captive.

Starry Tight
This plus sized, STARRY eyed burlesque performer is a real Vincent Van HOE!

Anastacia Vulgar

Agua Fuego
Bringing the bounce to the bass. Will she scare you or make you laugh?

Justin Toxicated

Maya Diction
Coming soon to a venue near Sacramento, CA!

Eva Lucien

Tangerine Dreamz

Busty Knolls

Ada Pixels
Asheville based burlesque student and soon-to-be performer.

Sansa Sanz-Skirt

Whisper De Corvo
Seattle's Mythic Muse

Master Cameron Eric Leon
Drag King Extraordinaire

Bombfox Sasha
Light the fuse cause she's about to go off

Dotty Dart
The Creepy Cutie

The Snackpack of the Midwest

Crystal Swarovski
Naked All Over the World

Motley Tonic
You want it? I've got it.

Lana Del Taco
Spicy, With A Lot Of Cheese

Lil Boo
Bloomington IN preformer

Leila La Lotus
Dangerously captivating

Bobbie Burlesque presents

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