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Bo Blush
Your Luscious Crush

Vixen Dior
Because playtime should always have a little luxury...

Princess Augusta

Coyote Sparkles
Bloodthirsty Magical Slut Puppy

Essie Hex
She’s hexy and she knows it.

Audrey Azazel
A sparkle covered fallen angel running around and raising hell

Darby DeVour
Taking a bite out gender norms, one performance at a time

Willa Wildcarde
She's always got an ace up her sleeve!

Ritzy Titsy
Self-Made and Getting Paid

Harry Ladyman
The Genderbent Gent with the Secret 'Stache

Harley Sinn

Jessi Jinx
The Melodious Minx

Ursa Major
Your Cosmic Delight

Tipsy Merlot
Sip, Sparkle, Make a Splash!

Carolina Moonbeam
A bright light in the dark of night, it’s Carolina Moonbeam!

Big Daddy Cool
Johnny Dellarocca

ZeeZee Stardust
Bettie Page on Bathsalts

DisabiliTease Festival
July 17-18, 2020

Jul 17, 2020 - Jul 18, 2020
Minda Mae
She puts the "babe" in Disabilibabe

Minda Mae Photography

Valerie N. Steele
The Trash Clown of Atlanta

Roxanna Darling
The Fat Bottomed Girl of Burlesque

Thicc Flair
The naughty boy of burlesque.

Jack N’ Thacox
Savannah’s Premier Male Entertainer

Vesper Valentine

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NOTICE: As of July 2020 features which require facebook login suport will no longer function. If you used Burlesque B* for applications and need access to your data, please contact [email protected]



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