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Mortal Synn
The Goth Queen Wet Dream

Dahlia Kash
The Mocha Mae West

Kitty Cox

Stormy Leigh
The Tasseled Tornado

Humboldt Burlesque Festival 3rd Annual
The Best in Burlesque behind the Redwood Curtain

Nov 03, 2017 - Nov 05, 2017
Peachy Canyons

Stevie Nips
Michigan Made Burlesque Performer & Emcee

Desiree Moon
Steampunk and geek culture

Frankie Spanxx

A Three Day Striptease Showcase

Aug 10, 2017 - Aug 12, 2017
Ron Dez Vous
Catch Me if You Can Here!

Aila Avalon

Luna La Creme
the Cosmic Sweetheart Burlesque Babe!

Margot Moon
Her full moon is guaranteed to make you howl.

Oodles of Troodles
You're going to want a second helping. Good thing there's enough to go around! There's simply Oodles of Troodles!

Pandora Disaster
The gothic goddess of Athens Georgia

Minnie Mercury

Coquette de Jour

Scarlett D'sire
Always includes a red hot tease.

Scarlett Letter
Four Feet of Red Hair and Miles of Bad Intentions

Avery Wolf
He's on the prowl to make you howl.

Jack Calico
Atlanta's Lovable Tramp

Désiré Èvoquer
The Evocative Vixen

Fritz Krieg
Atlanta's burly, bearded, beast of boylesque.

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