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Siouxsie Charisse
The Pixie of Pleasure

Lacey VonTighten

Iphigenia Rising
A Little Bit Iphy

Perlita Picante
La Hot Mamacita

Eva D'Luscious
High Priestess of Tease

Ruby Rocket
The queen with the killer curves and moves to match.

Viva! Grey

Avalon Addams

Sweetie Cocktails
The tall drink you'll always be a little thirsty for

Kat Wondergloom

Helvetica Nude

Scarlett Honey begins her journey
Scarlett will put you in your place.

Ramona Rhapsody
She's here to tantalize you with her hips, her nips, and her lips!

Amaro Menta
Bitter with a mint finish.

Asphyxia A.Morte
The Living Dead Girl

Kiki Collins
The Black Widow of Burlesque

Clara Rose
The pin-up princess who will dance your clothes off

Dinah Soar
A prehistoric experience

Tommy Gun

The Venue
a rental, performance, and arts space

Wett Willy
The nautical treat that's salty and sweet.

Pearl Necklace
Sparkliest Side-Boob in Burlesque

Ruby La Louche

BoylesqueTO presents Oh Manada!
Male Burlesque Troupe Takes It Off For Canada’s 150th

Lakota Shekhar, Cleveland's Best Kept Secret
Michigan BurlyPicks Master of Assels 2016

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