Burlesque b*


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Veronica Paige
She’s got them Candied Curves because you can look sweet at any size

Azyra Izel
Improv Queen , Mexican DRAGONFLY

Violet Von Tonic

Vixi Vale
The Sprite of Delight

Cybil Unrest
Burlesque Anarchy at it's Best!

Minnie Milk

Force Majeure
The Agender Splendor

Pixie Danger
Queen of the Confusion Boner.

Mariah Webb
The It Girl of Burlesque

Marley Minx
Queen of Tease

Pepper Mint Schnapps
She's sure to become your favorite drink by the end of the night!

Juniper Sprinkles

Kink Flamingo

Willa Wildcarde
She's always got an ace up her sleeve!

Dolly Porcelain

Babe O’ Baggins
The sauciest hobbit in the shire

Irish Lashes
From Glitter Beard to Glitter Tits

Icy London
The Brazen Barrister, Erudite Ecdysiast, Subversive Socialite

CeCe Quinns
She’s big, she’s bold, and she’s shiny!

Scarlet Entropy

Divina Moorephina
Arizona's Antidote

Rainbow Flo

Flux Inqueerior
Atlanta's Asian Genderfluid Introflirt

Thicc Flair
The naughty boy of burlesque.

Major Stome
From the desert to Paradise

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