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In Memoriam
Remembering Sparkly Devil

by The Webmeister
An Introduction to *The Litter Box*
The Scoop

by Kat De Lac
Kat De Lac Wins by a Whisker!
The Fan Favorite Contest Ends with a Bang!

by The Webmeister
The Last Hour
Burlesque Bitch Online Fan Favorite Contest

by The Webmeister
Save the Mermaid Parade
Kickstarter Campaign

by The Webmeister
The 3rd Annual International Ohio Burlesque Festival
featuring Burlesque, Variety, Vaudeville, and Sideshow

by Bella Sin
Le Rose Chaton
a sparkling guide

by Torchy Taboo
Behind the Burly Q
The Book

by BBQ
Burlesque Hall of Fame
tickets, schedule, press passes

by Kay Sera
Supreme Court Debates the Meaning of Marriage
Burlesque Bitch Supports Equal Rights

by the webmeister
Bettie Page Reveals All!
In a docu-comedy romp through 1950's

by Mark Mori
Burlesque Performer Book
the first guide to burlesque from around the world

by Silvia Sorrentino
The Naked Zinester
starring Cherry La Voix

by TurnStyle Films
A GUIDE: Feather Fans and Boas
A feathery guide for the beginner

by Bella Sin
What's in a Name?

by Torchy Taboo
BB Travel Log
On the Road at Alabama Burlesque Festival

by The Webmeister
The Singapore Burlesque Society
The story of the society's creator Sukki Singapora

by The Webmeister
A GUIDE: Glitter and Sequin
a sparkly guide for the beginner

by Bella Sin
Looking for Contributors for the BB!

by The Webmeister
The Introductory Article from your Burlesque Bitch of the Year!
Philadelphia's Queen of Sideshow finally tests her blogging skills.....

by Reggie B
Never show up first
This Doll is Outta the Box

by Miss China Doll
Never show up first
This Doll is Outta the Box

by Miss China Doll
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