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Sexual Orientation and Burlesque
The Dirty Word

by The Irresistible O
The Dallas Burlesque Festival 2016

by Andrew Sherman
Golden Legends Champion Challenge

by May Hemmer
Women Who Rock
The Red Hot Heathens were born

by Rosie the Reveller
Burlesque Republic
a book that gives a unique insight into Germany

by the webmeister
Chicks In Space
First Fridays @ Bossy Grrls produced by Crystal Swarovski

by Eric Paul Owens
Lipstick Review

by Coco Zai Levine
The 2015 Burlypicks Finals
This Year's Tournament Ends in a Spectacular Series of Shows

by The Webmeister

by Assandra the Whoracle
Interview with Kitten Natividad
We were the trailblazers and got hell for it.

by Burlesque Bitch
Do's and Dont's When Performer Belongings are Stolen

by The irresistible O

by Assandra the Whoracle
Who is Cruel Valentine?
Burlesque Bitch 2015

by The Webmeister
Burlypicks Italy
when the show ends... the show begins

by Marco Rosselli
ONSTAGE - Boudoir-Noir presents the International Burlesque Circus
- the Exotic Sensations edition

by Romy Click
BACKSTAGE - Boudoir-Noir presents the International Burlesque Circus
- the Exotic Sensations edition

by Romy Click
Snake Oil Festival Hits The Howlin Wolf in New Orleans

Burlesque Competitions

by The Irresistible O
Caitlyn Jenner and Transgender Politics in Neo-Burlesque

by The Irresistible O
Anytown USA
A visit to Bossy Grrl's Pinup Joint in Columbus, Ohio.

by Alien Twilight Photography
Burlypicks Wisconsin 2015
@ On the Border, Milwaukee Wisconsin

by Geoffrey Harley Photography
Breakin' Hearts, Winning Contests
Cruel Valentine wins People's Choice

by The Webmeister
Illinois Burlypicks 2015
at The Lincoln Tap Room, Chicago Illinois

by Geoffrey Harley photography
Ohio Burlypicks 2015
at The Wall Street Nightclub, Columbus Ohio

by Tamrin Ingram Photography
A Burlesque Tale
viewing down a rabbit hole of darkness

by Synful LeFemme
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