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Always Classy Tie Necklace **Custom**

Classically Fun...

Sold by:
Miss Sapphire Stone

Super adorable and fun necktie charm! Perfect for, well, anything! CUSTOM colors!!

3" long resin charm on a 16" silver or bronze chain with 3" extender. Sparkly with stripes.

Charms are made out of jewelry grade resin - they will yellow with age; they may soften slightly when worn, but will always bounce back to their original shape! Very sturdy and detailed! I spend hours polishing them to a brilliant shine!

Copy and paste this into your order with your custom <colors>!!

Custom Tie:
   1. Tie Color: <color>
   2. Stripe Color: <color>
   3. Sparkle?: <yes or no>
   4. Chain color: Silver or Bronze

*Please keep in mind that each tie takes 24 hours to cure; so, if you order more than 1 tie, it will take longer to ship. I can give you an estimate upon ordering.

Contact Email: [email protected]

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