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The Rust Belt Bump and Grind

A documentary about Bella Sin, the Ohio Burlesque Festival and Cleveland Scene

by Michael Quinleyand Bella Sin

watch video here: Rustbelt Bump and Grind

A short documentary from film maker Michael Quinley and Burlesque Historian Bella Sin, Depicting the history of the golden day of burlesque in Cleveland, OH and Other Rustbelt Cities.
This documentary includes images of burlesque dancer from the the old cleveland roxy burlesque theater. Cleveland Press provided some images of our beloved Cleveland.
This is an Educational Documentary to pay tribute to the hayday of burlesque and Cleveland, OH.
Credits- Bella Sin and Michael Quinley for Narrating
Script- Bella Sin and Michael Quinley
Story- Bella Sin
Images, Cleveland Press, Cleveland SGS, Cleveland CSU Historical, Unknown Sources.
Dancers Featured- Blaze Starr, Irma The Body, Tempest Storm, Camille 2000, Val Valentine, Bella Sin, Cindy Barber, Some images provided by Eric Paul Owens and Anastasia P.
Music- We do not claim to own any rights to this music
Harlem Nocturne, Claire De Lune, Satin Doll.

This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on Jun 14, 2013.
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