Burlesque b*

A Night in Cin City

poetry inspired by the girls of Cin City

by Teddy Sephina


I'm walking down the sidewalk in Cincinnati, lampposts bright in the inky night.  Cars roll slowly by, jazz music wailing through the windows, an alley cat slinks past me.  And then…I hear it.


The lonely cry of a saxophone, playing what I know is their song, their signature song.  They must be performing nearby.


I follow the sweet melody that beckons me.  Alluring, sexy, compelling.  I reach steel double doors and push one in.  It's dim but I can see it's crowded.  I push my way through; I gotta see if it's them.


I manage to get close to the stage.  There they are.  Smoky eyes, killer legs that can out dance any other, fringe and beads everywhere.  Beautiful women and their seductive dance moves. Ballroom dance meets burlesque:  a knock 'em dead combination.


They are Cin City Burlesque.  You've heard of them.  Boy, you talk about style.  Sophisticated, sexy, extremely enticing, yet tasteful and, most importantly, classy.


I shake my head.  I bring my mind back to modern times.  You see, they do that to me, Ginger LeSnapps and her troupe.  They make me go back in time.  Men wore slacks, sharp wingtips, starched shirts, ties, and hats with brims.


Fat fendered cars roll by with tear drop headlights, jazz music wafting through the crack of the windows.  The women click clacked on the sidewalks, with hair styled as bobs, curls positioned just so, sophisticated, elegant, but still emanated an air of sexuality through their eyes, their mannerisms, their "just out of reach" playful allure.


There ain't a more fitting queen of burlesque today than Ms. LeSnapps, a RAW artist of the year in Cincinnati.  By being the choreographer and producer of her troupe's performances, she and her girls truly capture the Burlesque heyday of the 1920s and 1930s, fusing real dance with the enticement of Burlesque.  Throw in some blues, jazz, theater showmanship, and sexy humor, and time just stands still for a little while.


I tilt my hat and look up at the girls as they perform an amazing dance number.  Ginger, Cinnamon Twist, Sugar Plum, Cherry Cordial, Pixy Stix, Lucky Charms, Toots E. Popp, Baby Ruth, Pumpkin Pie, and Honey Dew.  I have my favorite, just like everyone else does.


But one other thing that makes these gorgeous and talented women stand out is their collective heart as a troupe.  Involving themselves in many charities, raising money for important causes, has earned them a spot at the top of their game.  Sassy and smart, but truly a beautiful and

caring heart.


So there you have it, ladies and gents.  Cin City Burlesque.   Timeless.  I got one foot in the 1920s and one foot today-only Cin City can bridge that gap.


*long, low whistle*


A knock 'em dead combination…. (fading out, click clacking away past a lonely lamppost.  Shaking my head, and smiling.)


This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on Jun 12, 2013.
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