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by Kat De Lac

Hi! I am Kat De Lac. Welcome to the Litter Box, my bi-weekly blog where I let you into my life as a traveling burlesque dancer and producer. Here's how I got hereā€¦ On my way to perform in Chicago, IL with Vaudezilla (one of my absolute favorite troupes), I learned that I had won the Burlesque Bitch fan favorite contest against some really big names and amazing performers. Winning was not an easy thing to do. My competition was as head strong in winning as I was and it really came down to the wire. I want to thank everyone who voted and the other performers involved in the contest. I really felt the love!!!  My plan in writing this blog is to let everyone inside the unique people and culture that is burlesque.  

Come visit my blog every other week for a little taste of my journey. I will focus on my life as a burlesque performer and a producer. My life is quite an adventure and I want to welcome all of you to the show!  

Last weekends show with Vaudezilla was fabulous!!!! I performed my Waynes World Act at Stage 773. This act has become one of my favorites to perform out of town. I like to make people laugh and I did just that. Let me just tell you, pulling licorice from my pants was a hit!!!! The laughing continued well after the show at Club Exit where somehow I ended up in a shopping cart being pushed down the street. My girls and I defiantly know how to have a good time!!! Not only do I love Chicago for the shopping, eating, drinking, and friends, I also love to perform there. The crowd is very responsive and the performers are really on point every time. This is my third time guest performing with Vaudezilla and each time I enjoy it more and more. If you haven't gone to Chicago to see this troupe, you are missing out on the originality and quality they have to offer the burlesque world. The feature for the act for the evening, Po' Chop was just that and fantastic!!!! Check them out and see what they have to offer, you won't be disappointed. I attached one photo from the evening backstage at Stage 773 with Vaudezilla!!! :)


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