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The Last Hour

Burlesque Bitch Online Fan Favorite Contest

by The Webmeister

Less than 1 Hour of Voting Left!
(This Article Posted minutes before the contest ended)

For those of you watching the race it's been an exciting ride full of twists and turns.  Our forerunners, Clea Cutthroat, Kat De Lac, Miss Satine, and Miss Holly Hock have been working their hot asses off getting your votes, and as we move into the final hours of voting traffic to the website has soared, resulting in slowdowns to loading the pages.  If you're having trouble viewing anything, just be patient... it will load.

And let's not forget those coming up from behind: Franki Markstone, Anja Keister, and Lili VonSchtupp are fighting to stay in the top 6, while Nikita Bitch project is climbing her way up...  Remember, the top 6 get automatic acceptance into the Burlympics!  They do not have to apply for acceptance. Everyone else who wishes to participate must submit an application for approval.

Those of you watching the race like a hawk will remember some odd spikes taking place in the vote counts throughout this week, and even this morning.  These were due to tehcnical difficulties with our facebook integration, and I am happy to report they are all (pretty much) resolved now.  Rest assured, every valid vote has been counted and is represented in the listed totals.

I want to take a moment to clarify the specifics as to when the contest begins and ends.  All valid comments from 12:00 am April 15th (New York time) through May 15th at Midnight (also, New York time) will count as 1 vote.  Those of you in other time zones should make a note of this so you won't be surprised when your votes stop going up.  What's valid?  Each user can comment once per day, so additional comments on the same date (midnight to midnight, New York time) are discounted.  Also, only personal public profiles can vote, so if a comment comes from a new fan page it will also be discounted.  The number of discounted votes is displayed below the vote count on the contestant's page, to keep everything transparent and fair.

Thank you everyone for making this contest an exciting roller-coaster!  Good luck girls... and boys.

For more information on the fan Favorite Contest and Burlympics, read below:

The BB: Fan Favorite
is an online voting contest in which the fans get to pick their favorite!
This contest is not just for stripteasers, but anyone in the Burlesque and Variety performance arts world. That includes, but is not limited to; Burlesque Dancers, Dancers, Singers, Actors, Drag Performers, Impersonators, Magicians, Sideshow Performers, Clowns, Hula Hoopers, Ventriloquists, Acrobats, comedians, Jugglers, Hypnotists, mimes, animal acts, contortionists, and more.

Enter the Fan Favorite Contest

The performer with the most votes will be the Blogger Bitch of 2013, and will get their own column on the BB ezine, to post blogs, articles, photo spreads, or advertise their upcoming shows. The top 6 will receive automatic entry into the "2013 Burlympics: The Burlesque and Variety Competition." The online contest is for solo acts only. All you have to do is create a Burlesquepedia Performer article for yourself, enter the contest, and get your fans to vote for you!

How do I compete in the Burlympics, if I am not one of the top 6 Fan favorites? 
Any act, including group acts may apply to compete in the 2013 Burlympics, in Hollywood USA, September 6th and 7th by filling out an application. Everyone is welcome to participate!

Apply to Perform in the Burlympics
How do I Enter the Online Contest?
First, create a Performer Article for yourself in the Burlesquepedia (unless you already have one). Then, go to the contest tab and copy / paste the DIRECT LINK to your article in the "ENTER CONTEST" button.

This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on May 10, 2013.
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NOTICE: As of July 2020 features which require facebook login suport will no longer function. If you used Burlesque B* for applications and need access to your data, please contact [email protected]



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