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Preserving the legacy of the pioneers of burlesque has long been a passion of Leslie Zemeckis.  Beginning with her critically-acclaimed documentary Behind The Burly Q (2012) combined with her extensive research which she has accumulated on the subject, Leslie has delved into the often misunderstood world of burlesque. So she has documented the definitive oral history of burlesque as told by the original stars themselves in this, her first book. 

With a foreword by burlesque's equivalent of Lady Gaga-Blaze Starr-Behind the Burly Q: The Story of Burlesque in America (Skyhorse Publishing, June 2013) is a fascinating exploration of America's original entertainers-not only the strippers but also the iconic comedians, singers, and variety acts.

Given unprecedented access to the performers' diaries, letters, albums, and memorabilia, Leslie's book gathers their stories and personal photos here for the first time. In their own words, the performers confide their stories of being courted by royalty such as King Saud of Saudi Arabia, and their encounters with famous fans, including Abbott and Costello, Jack Ruby, and JFK himself.
The history and the lore come alive with the accounts of "Stage Door Johnnies" who followed the performers from town to town; the infamous "flash" that made New York Mayor LaGuardia shut down the city's burlesque clubs; and performers lighting their tassels on fire in a never-ending quest to "out-gimmick" each other.

Full of gossip and firsthand accounts of backstage exploits, heartbreak and success Behind the Burly Q is also a heartwarming and inspiring book about the women and men whose lives have never before been chronicled in such detail. 

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