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The Naked Zinester

starring Cherry La Voix

by TurnStyle Films

The Naked Zinester (NSFW)

The Naked Zinester is a short documentary that explores the life and work of Aaron Tsuru. Aaron is an renegade photographer and zine maker who has risen to cult status on the internet for being to creator of tsururadio.com and tsurufoto.com

Official Selection Cinekink 2013

From Tsurufoto.com:

"Tsurufoto is the photographical field observations, wanderings & creations of Aaron Tsuru! I use photography (analog, digital, and variations & combinations of both), short films, and zines to celebrate all things beautiful, weird, & wonderful, exploring our imperfections that make us unique and perfect in our own way.
DIY, through and through… Half the fun is figuring it all out through trials and many, many errors. Some of our greatest successes came out of massive failures. When an idea pops into my noggin', I do what I can with
the resources I have to make it real. It's always worth trying. Many of my works are expressed through nudity & sexuality. I've been drawn into that world ever since the days of squinting at scrambled 70s & 80s late night cable euro "art films". Self-publishing a nudie zine, I walk a fine line between art & porn, but it's a line that is fun to walk along, exploring and challenging our held definitions of beauty & sexuality…"

Featured along with Aaron, is the lovely Miss Cherry La Voix. She fills us in on her life of Modeling, singing and burlesque. As well as her past collaborations with Aaron.

Aaron Tsuru
Cherry La Voix

Director / Jon Nix
Producer / Jamie Overstreet
Director of Photography / Yoshi Andrego
Camera Operators / Ralph Miller / Kayla Muller
Editor / Jon Nix
Colorist / Yoshi Andrego
Original Score / Jim Curtis / William Palmer

The Naked Zinester from TurnStyle Films on Vimeo.

This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on Feb 04, 2013.
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