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A GUIDE: Feather Fans and Boas

A feathery guide for the beginner

by Bella Sin

Fans and Boas,
Your Fine Feathered Friends.

Searching for that one pair of ostrich feather fans is a difficult task but on the internet there are many websites that devote themselves to the exquisite product.

Finding the right pair of fans or the right boa is not an easy task; there is a wide range of  products and prices.
Ebay and Etsy can offer you a world wide market that includes international vendors and a good price, but buyer beware: products that have no description or good background information might result in
a bad purchase or even a poor quality product.
These are coming from individual members that might not know much about the product and might not offer refunds.
Some descriptions will say "not assembled," which means that they do not come ready to use and you will have to put your mind into an IKEA mode to build your fans. It's sometimes better for the first time fan user to get them assembled and ready to use but take into account feather fans and boas are in essence fragile and
need special care and instructions so make sure you read carefully  before you make a large purchase!

Fancy Feather

The Feather Store

Feather Place

written by
Bella Sin
Bella Sin

This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on Oct 16, 2012.
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