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On the Road at Alabama Burlesque Festival

by The Webmeister

This Columbus Day weekend was not the surprise 3 day weekend I hadn't been expecting.  Instead, it was a surprise Extra day off, after having cleared my weekend and 2 days preceding, to attend the First Annual Alabama Burlesque Festival.

First of all it was an amazing show!  Burlesque patrons of Hunstville were treated to a stunning smörgåsbord of talent from the region.  On stage there were newbies and legends, fire-eaters and magicians, and a bevy of bouncing bosoms.  An unforgettable treat from the south indeed.

We were there with the vendors on both nights giving live demonstrations of the website to performers and attendees alike.  At festivals like this we always get a really positive reaction on what the BB could do to help organize the community, our most recent friends being the Boys of Salome Cabaret, who stage managed the festival.  You can read about them here: www.burlesquebitch.com/article.php?id=451 and here: http://www.burlesquebitch.com/article.php?id=505.

In our reporting we decided to do go a little old school and pulled out our old SLR Canon ... a camera that uses actual film!  When we get our rolls developed (how quaint) we'll have some stunning shots to show you.  Look for the Front Row report with exclusive snaps of the festival in the coming weeks, in the meantime we'll update this article with a round-up of reviews as they come in.

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This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on Oct 09, 2012.
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