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Announcing a New Burlypicks Master Category

by The Webmeister

The Burlypicks is one of the largest burlesque competitions in the world, and in order to give nods and honors to the variety of performances Burlesque shows have we award Master medals for different categories.

At Regionals our Master categories are not exclusive from the main competition, and a performance can both win the contest and be given a Master award. Since our second year, winners of Master awards at their Regional can also compete against other Regional Master winners at finals.

Historically our Master categories were:
Master of Singing allowing special recognition for those acts which incorporate stunning vocals
Master of Lip Sync allowing special recognition for this unique skill often seen in drag performance
Master of Comedy for the performance which expertly tickles your funny bone
Master of Amazement for acts which include elements of danger, skill, or technical wizardry

We are now proud to announce a fifth Master category; Masters of Collaboration. This award will be considered for any act that involves multiple performers, like our 2018 World Champions Gabe & Martina, who won with their amazing duet.

If you have a group number you want to bring to finals, head to our Casting page and apply for a Regional near you.

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This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on Jan 12, 2019.
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