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by The Irresistible O

Social media is king at the current moment. Although this is unrefuted fact, I’ve noticed a kind of disturbing thing about burlesquers and social content: In a world where doing it for the gram is all, many of us don’t. For every production I’ve been involved in there will inevitably be a thread (usually on Facebook) of someone (usually me)  proposing that we all connect with each other on other social media outlets. That thread is often responded to if not immediately, a minimum of five minutes later, by enthusiastic performers, eager to share with others.

The problem is, after the initial excitement the list isn’t added to again. Or, it’s like a trickle effect, with the total of those who list their other social media accounts being significantly less than the summation of people in the show. Here’s where the sparkly world lags behind. We’ve got to follow each other, folks! And might I add that it would be awesome if it was done in a timely manner. Follow for follow is mighty indeed!

While we’re at it, let’s add another chunk of glitter to the social media shoe. It just might change the whole universe if we actually liked each other’s content. The thing is, when you start to show love, it pulls in even more love. In translation, this means more publicity for your show, production, new outfit, or whatever. It’s totally worth it for all involved, and if for nothing else than for us all to know and feel that we’re in this together. So, the next time someone in the burlesque world follows you, for the love of all that is harnessed and hot, follow them back.

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This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on Oct 01, 2018.
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