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5th Annual Fan Favorite Contest

Starts June 1st. Enter now!

by The Webmeister

Kat de Lac. Reggie Bugmuncher. Cruel Valentine. Uma Shadow.  What do these amazing performers have in common, aside from unstoppable sass n' ass?  They were winners of Burlesque Bitch's Fan Favorite contest!

Every year we run a contest to see which performer the people love the most, and the Top 6 get to compete at the Burlypicks Finals.  Normally, to compete at the Finals you have to win at a Regional Competition, but with most of the regional applications closed you have this one shot left to make your mark.

How does it work?
Send us your most glamorous photo and we'll pin it up on our Facebook wall.  Whoever gets the most likes win.  Photos will go up on June 1st, and likes are counted up on June 15th.  It's that simple.  No convoluted electoral college.  Just a bunch of thumbs-up!

What if I win?
The Top 6 get to compete at the Burlypicks Finals in beautiful Denver, Colorado.  Some of our Former Fan Favorite Top 6 winners went on win trophies and cash prizes at the Burlypicks Finals, like Nikita Bitch Project who won 2nd place in 2014.  Fan Favorite winners have even become our personal Favorites, and went on to host Regionals in their home states.

How do I enter?
Just send your best photo to Crystal, at [email protected].

P.S. If you live in or near Florida, you still have a shot to compete in the Florida Regional.  Applications close May 8th.

This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on May 03, 2017.
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