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Burlypicks 2017 Regional Competitions Begin

Arizona and Missouri Bring it On!

by The Webmeister

Maxi Millions
The 2017 Burlypicks are off to a great start.  First up, former Burlypicks Finals winner Matt Finish puts on our first Regional Competition of the year in Arizona.  Here's what the local, news had to say about it:

The Wildcat Reports on the Arizona Burlypicks

Congrats to Maxi Millions who won in AZ.

Then Burlypicks alumni Annie-Mae Allure put on our first Missouri Regional in Kansas City.  Congrats to Kater Tot who won in MO.

You can follow all the winners of the Regionals on our Regional Winners page here:

Burlypicks Regional Winners

Interested in learning more about, attending, or competing in the Burlypicks?  Check it out here!

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This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on Apr 22, 2017.
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