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Into The Mystic Circus

A Visit With The Mystic Circus On Their Latest Tour

by Alien Twilight Photography

A couple of weeks ago I got the opportunity to catch up with Mystic Circus, a collection of veterans of Coney Island who are on a tour sponsored by Lagunitas. They were doing a show in Louisville, Kentucky, joined by Louisville's own Octo Claw's Bizarre Bazaar. I'm glad to get the opportunity to introduce them to you here.

The members of Mystic Circus shown here are...

Rush The Clown: In this show he emcee'd and demonstrated his abilities as a genetic contortionist to bend and stretch portions of his body to amazing degrees. He also performed fire-eating and fire-breathing, including probably the most daring fire-breathing stunt I've witnessed in which he lit Bacardi 151 in his mouth and exhaled it in a massive blast of dragon breath.

Shauni Fatale: Dance, striptease and aerial artist. In this show she performed a fan dance in one routine, and in another she made herself into a human paintbrush in order to create a canvas with a political message. The canvas was raffled off at the end of the show.

Hayes Johnson: He performed a human blockhead routine and an excellent sword-swallowing demonstration.

The members of Octo Claw's Bluegrass Bizarre shown here are...

Octo Claw: Blade poi skills and animal trap stunts.

Artemisia De La Miel: Dancing on broken glass and fire-eating.

Elizabeth Hallows: Fire-eating.

I got the opportunity to talk to Rush the Clown a bit about the history of Mystic Circus, the current tour and their upcoming plans.

"The Mystic Circus was created in a Kurt Vonnegut themed bar drinking beermosas. Four years later we are now a full scale circus performance art show. Our circus is a collective of over 100 performers across the world."
He relates that this is their first tour, and has been made possible by The Lagunitas Brewing Company. "We build the tour around the 5 Lagunitas Beer Circus Festivals. It's allowed us to not have to short change our goals."

I commented that it can't be easy to coordinate 100 worldwide performers. "I never stop traveling and I have some of the best team mates in the world. Our show Saturday in NYC is a collective of almost 60 performers all in one 5 hour long event. My partner and I are flying in from Sacramento but literally people are flying in from all over the world for just this one show."

That seemed worth knowing more about, so looked it up and found the upcoming event - The Lagunitas Beer Circus: BROOKLYN  - has been covered by no less than A.V. Club. It looks to be an amazing gathering, and I would urge anyone in the NYC area not to miss it.

Any performers interested in contacting Rush the Clown about working with Mystic Circus should see the contact information at the end of this column.

Now let's check out the performers of Mystic Circus and Octo Claw's Bizarre Bazaar doing what they do best.

Rush The Clown
Genetic Contortionist

Artemisia De La Miel
Glasswalking and Fire Eating

Shauni Fatale
Burlesque Striptease and Bodypainting

Hayes Johnson
Human Blockhead

Elizabeth Hallows
Fire Eating

Hayes Johnson
Sword Swallowing

Shauni Fatale
Burlesque Fan Dance

Octo Claw
Blade Poi and Animal Trap

Rush The Clown
Fire Eating and Breathing

Be sure to check out the Coney Island show this Saturday. Performers wishing to work with Mystic Circus can contact Rush The Clown directly at [email protected] Watch the pages of both Mystic Circus and Octo-Claw's Bizarre Bazaar to see when and where you can catch these great fun shows next.

This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on Sep 30, 2016.
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