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Step by Step Guide to Getting into your First Festival

6 steps to the stage!

by Lottie Ellington

Hello Glitter family,
This is Lottie Ellington your Filly of Festivals, this post will provide you with a few steps to help you get started applying for festivals! Applying for festivals can seem frightening if you have never applied before so here are a few tips to help you on your way.

Step 1 Identify your favorite number (not necessarily the number that gets booked but the number that brings you joy every time you hit the stage.)

Step 2 Take that number to a panel review or show it to a trusted objective friend or mentor. Panel reviews are an amazing tool that we have here in Richmond it allows you to workshop your number in a safe constructive non-judgmental environment. Showing your number to a mentor is also a great option but try not to ask your best buddy unless they can give you honest constructive feedback.

Step 3 Take what you get from the panel to heart! Make the necessary changes, don’t take anything personally, your peers want to see you succeed!

Step 4 Get footage recorded! If you are just starting out, don’t worry about if it is professional. Unless you are applying for BHOF or a MAJOR festival work with what you have. Most selection panels are looking for quality content not necessarily “quality” video production. (For my first festival I submitted footage shot in my living room)

Step 5 Work on your performer bio/resume nearly all festivals what to know your history/background. Not to be confused with your back story… Where have you performed, who have you performed with what titles you have won or competed for etc.

Step 6 Create a detailed description of your number, describe your costume, props, theme, and yes lighting. Even if you have never performed in a venue with lighting capacity, think about how (in a perfect world) you would like to be lit. Festivals will have varying formats for lighting but it’s good to be ready so that you are not stuck at Starbucks for hours trying to get your application in at the last minute.

I could go on but I wanted to keep this post as short and useful as possible. 
*I am not claiming to be an expert, I am only sharing the information that I have. 
XOXO Lottie

This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on May 02, 2016.
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