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Meet the GLCC 2016 Mentoring Legends, Pt. 2

by Tas DeVille

Today, we continue our series with more about GLCC's next two mentoring legends. If you missed part one, catch up here (http://www.burlesquebitch.com/ezine.php?id=249)!

Madame E

Performing under the name Pearl Divine in the early 1970s, local Bay Area burlesque legend Madame E spent the decade working in the seedier parts of cities like Honolulu, Los Angeles, Guam, and Las Vegas. She encourages new performers to take their craft seriously and take any dance classes. Further words of wisdom from Madame E: "Standing on stage and taking your clothes off is not performing, as far as I'm concerned, no matter how cute your act is, or how hot your body is." and "Be kind to your sister performers, there's no room in this business for jealousy or cat fighting. It's a sisterhood. I am so proud of the young women who are keeping the art of striptease alive."

Judith Stein

Ms. Judith Stein: That lady divine! Canada's golden gift to burlesque began her rollicking international career as a stripper in the mid 1970's when she answered an ad for "topless go-go girls- no experience necessary," and knew she had found her calling as she watched the strippers work their magic on the burlesque stage. Mentored by some of greatest names in this industry in 1974, she too was ready to strip, entertain, and see the world from the footlights of burlesque stage and never looked back! From Alaska to New Zealand and all points in between..."ripping her clothes off in wild abandon" for seventeen years of adventure. From upscale nightclubs to low-down honky-tonks, she finally settled in the small town of Nelson BC, Canada to pursue her love of powder skiing and community. Thanks to Fannie Annie and the Canadian burlesquers, she was discovered in 2010. She had with great surprise and utmost gratitude, found herself, once again upon the burlesque stages of North America...doing once again what she loves!

This article is brought to you by the GLCC.

The Golden Legends Champion Challenge (GLCC) organization is gearing up for their 2016 competition season! Led by founder and esteemed legend Gabriella Maze, each legend on the team of GLCC mentoring legends will be paired with the selected protégés. Protégés will be guided by their mentoring legends as they progress on their individual artistic journeys in the six months leading up to the grand competition this October in New Orleans, either by polishing up an existing act or by creating and refining a whole new piece of burlesque art. Get to know each of the mentors in this week's Meet the Mentors mini-series, and then head to the GLCC website (http://www.goldenlegends.org/apply/) to apply!

Join us on Friday for part three to learn more about our GLCC mentoring legend and founder Gabriella Maze, as well as our special guest mentor, and don't forget to apply - applications close on February 29th!

This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on Feb 24, 2016.
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