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Golden Legends Champion Challenge

by May Hemmer

First off...I want to say how honored I am to be a part of this project.  When asked to be a headliner....I nearly wanted to pass out from whom I'd be sharing the stage with.


With that being said, I'm so glad to have helped bring this year's competition to New Orleans!  When the founder of the event Gabriella Maze asked my opinion of when and where it should be held this time....I was of course a bit biased.  But what city better than New Orleans?!  Nowhere!  With that, the plan has been put in motion.  To find out more about the GLCC, please visit http://www.goldenlegends.org/ for more information! 


Now then....what is the GLCC?  To quote:


"Golden Legends Champion Challenge (GLCC) is the ultimate show and competition hybrid that brings Living Legends of burlesque and up-and-coming burlesque performers together in a mentoring program that benefits all involved. Each of the selected proteges will be paired with a Legend from whom to receive one-on-one mentoring in preparation for the challenge. Legends are presented with the opportunity to help mold and nurture emerging burlesque performers. Each pair has the chance to bond in a way unique to GLCC, with the end goal of enhancing performance skills and making lifelong friendships worth their weight in gold."


How about that!?  I spoke to Gabriella recently and wanted to get her feedback on having the competition in NOLA this year. 


"I would love to see NOLA performers in the contest since it is their city and to come together to support Living Legends.  To have them embrace the Legends into their community and give up and coming performers a chance to be seen."


Can't argue with that!  So what are you guys waiting for!!!  Apply, apply, apply!!

For more from The NOLA Burly Collective: click: HERE

This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on Feb 16, 2016.
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