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Caitlyn Jenner and Transgender Politics in Neo-Burlesque

by The Irresistible O

Today's biggest trend is Caitlyn Jenner. Bruce Jenner has taken the ultimate step in becoming who he is-becoming Caitlyn (hopefully a pronoun switch will happen soon)-he has taken on who he is and announced it to the world in the physical form. This could really be seen as the most important step because it takes so much to do. It's no small thing to completely shift in the eyes of those who have known you. The backlash you may receive is no small thing either! In fact, the backlash that Jenner is getting all over social media and from his ex-wife and family, and the general public is not uncommon, unfortunately. It reminds me of a brunch that occurred at Fierce! International Queer Burlesque Festival this year (April 30th-May 3rd 2015 in Pittsburg Pennsylvania) where a group came together to seek to discuss the experience of being Trans in the Burlesque world (the things discussed were and shall be confidential out of respect for those involved. It was a safe space and will remain so).

Although it is an important and very relevant topic many opted to skip the brunch. The absence of those who were not there showed two things: 1. Those who really needed to be there were not there. Such as many show producers and those who are not tolerant to diversity. 2. Trans issues that are happening often times go undisclosed and undiscussed in the Burlesque world. This can lead to a lack of understanding, tolerance, and awareness.

There are so many Trans performers who absolutely NEED for themselves and their concerns to be taken seriously; as well they SHOULD BE! Yet in the general public as well as in the Burlesque community those needs go unknown and unmet. What we don't realize is that this severely weakens the ENTIRE Burlesque community! Anytime one or many of a groups' members are oppressed the whole community suffers! We owe it to ourselves and our Trans sisters and brothers to LEARN what is going on, what's needed, what has happened in the past, in order to move on and become a more unified community in the future without repeating those things that occurred. No one wants to be alienated or hurt, no one wants to be ostracized for who they are; yet that is what keeps occurring in the Burlesque world when it comes to Trans performers and LGBT performers. Let's make a change sparkly folks! Reach out and get out of your comfort zones and LEARN. The only way to create better shows is to become better people.

Glamour and Glitter,
The Irresistible O

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This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on Jun 01, 2015.
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