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Cruel Valentine wins People's Choice

by The Webmeister

It was a hard 2 weeks but you and your fans got the word out and got results.  Our winner, by a close call, is Cruel Valetine!

Our totals for the top 6 are:

Cruel Valentine: 696
Private Tails: 687
Discordia: 285
Velvet Kinsington: 263
Deanna Deadly: 244
Morgana Alba: 234

These 6 lovely contestants have won their spot in the BURLYPICKS Finals in Los Angeles this fall!  As the winner Cruel Valentine will represent our website as this year's Burlesque Bitch!

Because we has some issues at the end of the contest I'd like to give a little history on the the bugs we encountered at the 11th hour, and how we tried to resolve them as fairly as possible.  Since so many of you and your fans had so much effort invested into the contest I want to be as transparent about it as possible.

In previous years we experienced a number of bugs throughout the contest that forced us (well... me) to burn the midnight oil writing new code to recount and accurately tally the comments in the middle of voting.  As a result, the vote tallies this year were 100% accurate! ... until the last day.

On April 30th at midnight Facebook made massive sweeping changes to their code-base that affected everything from posting website articles on your wall, to making comments on website articles, to the website log-in, to my beautifully well-written vote tallying code.  Throughout the day many things were broken, not just on BurlesqueBitch, but on all websites that rely on Facebook plugins ... and all I could do was wait for the Facebook programmers to fix the problem on their end.  By the time the comment boxes were fixed it was 2:20pm on the last day of voting, and the real-time vote counter wouldn't work with their changes.

We had a choice: we could just call the contest over and accept the totals as of April 30th at midnight, or we could extend the voting deadline to allow 1 more full day, for 24 more hours of voting.  To help make this decision we consulted the front runners for their input and ultimately decided the fairest course of action was to allow the extra day of voting.

I used Facebook's comment moderating tools to record all the comments from the last 24 hour period and hand logged every single one using the same validation rules used in the rest of the contest.  1 comment from each unique personal account per day = 1 vote.  If you did your own comment count, be aware that not all comments may be visible to you because of the commenter's privacy settings, and that a community or fan page comment has never counted as a vote because it is too easy to exploit (we had someone try once).

Rest assured, the current totals are as accurate as possible.  They are close ... hanging-chad close... and with the bugs that occurred in the last day of the contest you can easily make arguments for or against the fairness of our decisions.  Either way, both Private Tails and Cruel Valentine deserve recognition for the support they rallied over the past 2 weeks, and all of the other contestants as well.

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This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on May 02, 2015.
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