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Bella Sin Wins

The 2015 Burlypicks kicks off in Columbus, Ohio

by The Webmeister

Last Friday the 2015 Burlypicks started with a bang at Columbus Ohio's Wall Street Nightclub.  The evening was filled with a variety of stunning acts; from the comic and magic stylings of Erik Tait (who took 2nd place) to the energetic striptease of Dolly Moxy (who took 3rd) and the dramatic broadway lipsync of Orion Hyde (who was within a hair's breadth of a medal himself).

Genders were bent, poles were danced upon, and a canvas was painted with a performer's bossom... but the Gold medal went to a perfectly executed and classy fan dance by Cleveland's own Bella Sin.  Our congratulations to Bella, a fixture herself in the Ohio burlesque scene for her organization of the Ohio Burlesque festival, now in it's 5th year.  Performer applications for this event are open until the end of the month, by the way, and we encourage you to participate, as Bella also puts on a great show.

Please, enjoy her prize winning performance in the video below.


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This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on Mar 16, 2015.
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