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Let's Leave Facebook Movement

A How-To Guide For Leaving Facebook

by Cherie Cheezcake

Over the past few weeks, I have watched as many people - not just performers - have finally had enough of Facebook. This is far from a new trend but 2014 has by far been the year of the #LetsLeaveFacebook movement. Personally, I don't see that changing any time soon. Zuckerberg's blatant accusations on people with more than one name of "lacking integrity", the decline of basic page abilities, and the sudden large crack down on the "Real Names" policy have all come together in the past couple of years to really bring a lot of Facebook hatred. It's apparent that history is repeating itself as Friendster had an eerily similar demise after the creator of MySpace decided to make a new social network because of Friendster's harsh "real names" policy.

It's pretty obvious that a lot of us performers are now looking for new options but the biggest question is.. will our fans follow us? It's a little terrifying to think that we could lose everything that we have spent years growing. Right now, I have over 5k fans on Facebook. The thought of starting over is very scary and very real. Can I do it again? Yes, I'm sure I could with time and effort. Will staying on Facebook help me keep a majority of those fans for longer? Possibly. However, I honestly feel like we are all considering the now instead of learning from this experience.

The biggest thing we need to think about now is, "why weren't we investing in ourselves instead of investing in Facebook?" Not that I'm in any way saying that going to your fans is a bad thing. Social media is an excellent tool to use! Although, it is honestly my opinion that most of us - myself included - used Facebook too much as a product to get our word out there. To paint a better picture: let's say all of us are working on a farm that we don't own. Facebook owns the farm. We're doing all of the work on Facebook's farm to make crops but at the end of the day, Facebook can fire us. Who gets to keep the crops? Facebook. We made a little bit of money but Facebook wins out on this. OK so maybe that wasn't the best way to describe that but you maybe get what I mean? Sort of? What I'm saying is.. yes, I love social media. It is an excellent tool. However, we can not let that be our main source of fan connection. Almost all of us have websites that we could constantly be plugging on various social media sites but we just don't. We have to ask ourselves why we are investing more time (and sometimes money) in Facebook than our own website and brand.

So where do we go from here? There are three different options that I recommend getting: Path, Google+, & Ello. Path seems to be almost completely mobile-based but has a beautiful look to it with some really fun options. Google+ is, of course, run by Google so it just naturally seems to have the most options. The biggest bonus with Google+ is that it has communities (the same as Facebook's groups feature) and you can post your event there which I'm not sure the other two websites can do. Lastly is Ello, which is still in beta mode so I am unsure of all of the features it offers at this time. My vote as of right now is Google+ because it is pretty similar to Facebook with a few fun tweaks. Hopefully, with time and effort, we can all ditch Facebook. Let the #LetsLeaveFacebook movement begin!

Cherie Cheezcake
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This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on Sep 25, 2014.
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