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Sultry Sweet Burlesque celebrates it's 2 year anniversary

Rob feels a life in burlesque was destined

by Rob Steiner

Sultry Sweet Burlesque celebrates it's 2 year anniversary.

This Sunday August 31st Sultry Sweet Burlesque brings it's 'Best of the Breast: Show us your hits!" to
the El Cid restaurant and nightclub in Silver Lake, CA a hip bohemian neighborhood nestled in Los Angeles.

Producers Cherish Bliss & Rob Steiner have spent the past 2 years creating shows featuring the only 7 piece burlesque orchestra in Los Angeles. The beautiful 83 year old El Cid hosts the monthly events filled with 2 hours of song, dance and aerial acts. Headliners have included such burlesque luminaries as Russell Bruner, Ruby Champagne & Miss Donna Hood and the band as performed live an estimated 400 songs.

Their foray into the burlesque world in August of 2012 began ironically in children's theater. Rob musical directs original children's musicals in Silver Lake and Miss Bliss is the violinist. One of the parents who had high praises for the band approached them and said he owned the El Cid nightclub and offered them the opportunity to put on a show there. Rob says 'Somehow, the words Burlesque Show rolled off my tongue and he loved the idea'. Combining what they knew via Cherish's years as a ballerina, symphony musician & comedy show producer and Rob's piano, film/tv acting and directing backgrounds, Sultry Sweet Burlesque was born.

With a 7 piece orchestra to write music for, each song from the dancers repertoire is arranged note for note. A process that sometimes takes 12 hours per song. They have performed everything from Cab Calloway to Marilyn Manson. Rob says "Despite the versatility of the band there are a few styles we stay away from like Rap or any electronic music. We end up sounding like a cheesy wedding band." He is fond of the songs from the 30s and 40s because it brings back to life music that hasn't been performed live in almost in 70 years and the original sheet music has long since crumbled. He adds, "That's not to say I don't also enjoy when we rock out to Danzig or the Goonies Theme."

Rob feels a life in burlesque was destined. His parents were fans in the 50s & 60s and owned several Yma Sumac albums & the "Music to Strip By" LP. His dad managed a Tiki lounge in New York City and Rob was about 13 when he went to his first BurlyQ show. His mother told him 'Sit here and pretend you're asleep with one eye open....'

Looking towards the future, Cherish & Rob will continue to bring live orchestra burlesque each month at El Cid. On the slate for the rest of the year is a gumshoe murder mystery, a circus theme and an "Asylum" show for Halloween that Cherish says "Is her one chance a year to dig deep and bring out a darkness from within that is equal parts sexy & terrifying"

"Best of the Breast: Show us your Hits!" 
Sunday August 31st [email protected] 7:30p [email protected] 8:30p
El Cid 4212 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90029 323-668-0318
Tix; GA $20 online, $25 at the door- VIP $25 online, $30 at the door

Scheduled to appear: Donna Hood, Olivia Bellafontaine, Pearl Lux, Sin Fisted, Angie Cakes, Fever Blister, Dolly Danger,  Dr & Mae Lust, Dee Dee Perks, Galaxy Jax & Miss Lacey Jane.  Hosted by Blanche DeBris

Anyone who will be in the Los Angeles area towards the end of each month
and is interested in bookings should contact
Cherish Bliss: [email protected] 818-319-2356
Rob can be reached at [email protected]

This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on Aug 29, 2014.
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