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We are at day 10 of The Fan Favorite Contest! That's about 1/3 of the way there. Time flies! April 15- May 15 is set aside for choosing who will be the next Burlesque Bitch, to represent our website.

Each contestant gets one vote, when you comment on their Burlesque Bitch profile. You may vote once per day. The day resets itself, based n your time zone, at midnight. You may comment a few minutes before midnight and a few minutes after midnight, and that would be 2 votes. If you comment at 1pm and 5pm, that is still just one vote. The contest will end at 0:00 eastern standard time (NYC time), for everyone, no matter what region you vote from.

The top 6 all get invitations to perform at the finals for The Burlypicks in Hollywood, later this year, bypassing the regional competition to earn their places. Kat De Lac was The Burlesque Bitch of 2013, with the highest total of votes. Her blog and calendar of upcoming events was displayed front and center of the website for the year! Her images were all over our facebook page. Her year of fame all started when she was awarded a medal at last year's Burlypicks finals award's ceremony, for being the People's choice, and it will end when she passes it off to the next in line! So, who will it be?

As a recap from last year, Nikita Bitch entered the contest 2 weeks in, and made it to the top 6! It wasn't clear until the last week that the winner would be Kat De Lac or Clea Cutthroat. In fact, it was down to the wire; Kat pulled ahead within the last couple of hours of the contest!

So who are the performers running for Burlesque Bitch of 2014?

In the lead, Reggie Bugmuncher, Philadelphia' s Queen of Sideshow.
She is Philadelphia's Queen of Sideshow, co-owner and operator of Philadelphia's Olde City Sideshow, and owner of The performing arts venue, The First Banana. Reggie's style of performing has evolved into Burlesque inspired Sideshow acts that can only be described as modern variety's take on performance art. She'd love to be your Burlesque Bitch, so she can be "the person that brings variety and sideshow performers into The Burlesque Bitch World!" She has worked hard to inspire and collaborate with new and established artists, and as she puts it "I would be a fun person to follow along via Burlesque Bitch Blogging." You can vote for Reggie, by leaving a comment on Reggie's Burlesque Bitch Page. (image below)

Currently in 2nd place, Lushes, LaMoan "Now that's a stripper" - Toni Elling 2011
Detroit's hardest working showgirl, Lushes is the troupe leader of The Detroit Dizzy Dames and a model often referred to as magical and a breath of fresh air! She wants to be the Burlesque Bitch of 2014, because "she gets told on a daily basis that [she is] a bitch." Lushes' blog would include "interviews of legends, rock stars, burly q stars, and other interesting people." As Burlesque Bitch, the first thing Lushes would do is "interview people on what it means to them to be a bitch, and end hunger while promoting world peace, she says with a big cheesy smile." You can vote for Lushes, by leaving a comment on Lushes LaMoan's Burlesque Bitch page. (image below left)

Currently in 3rd place, Holly Hock, Returning Champion from 2013's top 6
She has had a rich burlesque career, performing classic and neo-burlesque. With exposure to many styles, Holly solidified her own: sultry classic burlesque fused with a modern sensibility. A member of Creme de les Femmes and The Detroit Dizzy Dames, she continues to perform in Michigan and Indiana. Burlesque is Holly's "deepest Passion." She would like to be the blogger bitch to "share her passion with others," and by telling [her] stories, [she] wants to encourage others to tell their stories." The blogging opportunity and the chance to go back to LA to The Burlypicks would be a "dream come true" for Holly!
You can vote for Holly, by leaving a comment on Holly Hock's Burlesque Bitch Page. (image below right)

Currently in 4th place, Franki Markstone, Returning Champion from 2013's top 6
She has toured the country as a Feature Exotic Dancer, and become a household image, as One of Pro-wrestling's "Most Beautiful Women of Wrestling." She's danced at The Castle in Ybor and with The Genitorturers. Her Tassel isolations have skyrocketed her burlesque status. Franki had to let so many great opportunities pass by last year, after she had surgery to her face for cancer. She wasn't working during that time, but she "was determined to comeback to the stage, and do so despite how [her] face looked." The title would pay homage to her fans, who lovingly call her "a Baddass Burlesque Bitch." You can vote for Franki, by leaving a comment on Franki Markstone's Burlesque Bitch Page (image below left)

Currently in 5th place, Egypt Blaque Knyle, The Black Siren, The Noise Maker of Dance.
She has traveled the world,dancing with for R&B and Rap artists, as well as Disney productions. She was a cheerleader for The Los Angeles Raiderettes,and has won 45 pageant crowns. She works with charities dealing with Cancer, Autism, and HIV/AIDS awareness. She is the C.E.O of A.L.I.Z productions, specializing in pageants, choreography, Self Esteem workshops, Plus Size Models, Fundraisers, and parties. Being The Burlesque Bitch of 2014 would be "a great achievement for a newbie." She deserves to win, because she is "the black siren with one glance you are tranced by the noise this body makes." ! You can vote for Egypt, by leaving a comment on Egypt Blaque Knyle's Burlesque Bitch Page (image below right)


Currently in 6th place, Discordia, Female Fueled Fire Cabaret
Awarded Hottest Performance at The Caribbean Burlesque Festival 2013 and 2nd place in the 2014 Pennsylvania Burlypicks. They thrive on dance, playing with fire, and power tools. They blow fire, grind, and entertain crowds in music and performance venues nationwide, internationally and locally to Cleveland. "The act that stole the show was Discordia, a fire breathing act. ... It was one of those things you'd have to see to believe... you couldn't help but wonder how the hell these petite women were ballsy enough to even start blowing in the first place."-Buzzbin Magazine
You can vote for Discorida, by leaving a comment on Discordia's Burlesque Bitch Page. (image below left)

Currently in 7th place, Cruel Valentine, Burlesque is her World
Originally from Ann Arbor, she is now at home in The Windy City. She has won numerous awards, honors, and headlining appearances. Cruel is the part owner of Suadela Intimates, the go-to for custom pasties, vintage pin up couture and other titillating burlesque accessories. She would like The Title of Burlesque Bitch, to "encourage active conversation about topics most important to The Burlesque Community." Her first blog entry would probably be "the pros and cons of competition in an artistic setting, which has been a hot topic in our community as of late." You can vote for Cruel, by leaving a comment on Cruel Valentine's Burlesque Bitch Page. (image below right)


Currently in 8th place, Private Tails, Not your average Burly Gurl.
There's nothing Private about these Tails... They have been a part of several burlesque and variety festivals all over the United States, Canada and Jamaica. She wants to be The Burlesque Bitch, because "burlesque is much more than a hobby--it's a lifestyle." She has been "living and breathing Burlesque since August 2005, albeit from a drag perspective." She deserves to win because she "believes in this thing and [she's] willing to make the effort to help it grow!" If she won, she would "go on a PT--a Party Tour- rocking out with everyone who wants to be a part of this journey--blogging all the way." You can vote for Private by leaving a comment on Private Tail's Burlesque bitch Page. (image below left)

Currently in 9th place, Morgana Alba, It's a Pole New World
A life- long love affair with having her feet off the ground, she became a self taught pole dancer. Only more recently has she been formally trained, to perfect her skills on the pole. She also does Silks, Cloud Swing, and Lyra. She performs regularly on The Atlantic City Casino Circuit, and holds titles in 3 different states. Her hope is to move pole out of the dark, and into mainstream performance space so more people can experience the grace and sensuality of this unique art form.
You can vote for Morgana, by leaving a comment on Morgana Alba's Burlesque Bitch Page. (image below right)


Currently in 10th place, Viva Valezz! The HBIC of Queer Burlesque
Fiery burlesque performer, producer, and instructor, Viva Valezz! has been heating up Midwest audiences since 2007. Her credits include being voted 2010 "Columbus, Ohio's Favorite Burlesque Performer," taking home a pair of "Golden Pasties" from the 2010 New York Burlesque Festival, and her queerlesque troupe, the Velvet Hearts!, was the first and only burlesque troupe ever nominated as one of the "Best of Columbus" in the Best Dance Company category. Viva!'s most significant achievement creating and producing the "Fierce! International Queer Burlesque Festival." You can vote for Viva by leaving a comment on Viva Valezz!'s Burlesque bitch Page. (image below left)

Currently in 11th place, Dee Luxxx
Detroit's diamond, puts the BUMP in "bump 'n grind." She is trained in theatre, jazz, hip-hop, and classic burlesque. She is the executive producer of Michigan's Spring Fling Burlesque Festival. She is known for her effervescent personality, iridescent smile, and LOVE of the stage-it's clear she owns her craft and her audience loves her in return. She deserves to win, because "climbing up this ladder the last decade, hasn't been a cakewalk. You'll read about it in [her] book - being published soon." The first thing she'd do if she wins in "go to Disneyland, and pop a pastie for Mickey and ALL his friends." You can vote for Dee by leaving a comment on Dee Luxxx's Burlesque Bitch Page. (image below right)


Currently in 12th place, Ada Lavendar, leggy, limber, luscious
This tall drink of champagne has studied dance and movement for nearly her entire life - beginning with ballet, tap, and jazz as a youngster, and progressing to samba and the Brazilian martial art of capoeira in 2005. After studying and performing the two art forms in both Brazil and the U.S., Ada took her first burlesque class at Michelle L'Amour's Studio L'Amour in 2009. Shortly after moving to San Francisco in 2010, Ada connected with Hot Pink Feathers - a samba-based burlesque and showgirl troupe (the perfect combo!) - and began her life as a burlesque performer. You can vote for Ada by leaving a comment on Ada Lavendar's Burlesque Bitch Page. (image below left)

Currently in 13th place, Kitti Li
, Lovable, Adorkable, Weird
Still blooming, this new burlesque performer in Baltimore, MD is a rising star. Yes, flowers and stars. She models and has a fun alternative style. Dance has become a passion for her and getting naked is fun too. Keep an eye on this freaky feline for more! She would find it an "absolute honor" to be The Burlesque Bitch of 2014." She deserves it, because she is "good at taking off [her] clothes." If she own, the first thing she would do is "freak out," and "thank evryone who has helped [her] develop her talent." You can vote for Kitti by leaving a comment on Kitti Li's Burlesque Bitch Page. (image below right)


Currently in 14th place, Fathom, Fastest Ass and Tassels in the West
Fathom is the costume director of a local theater house in Wyoming and has worked for several museums over the years, preserving and caring for historical garments. She is the only professional burlesque dancer in Wyoming. She would like to be The Burlesque Bitch of 2014, so she can "educate the cowboys that the past of the west and burlesque aren't that far apart." She deserves to win, because she is "the first burlesque performer to be featured on The Jerry Springer Show," and because she has made burlesque history in Wyoming! She hopes to " expand someones views one rhinestone at a time." First thing she'll do when she wins is "drink pink champagne with her bestie and call her mommy!"
You can vote for Fathom by leaving a comment on Fathom's Burlesque Bitch Page. (image below left)

Currently tied for 15th place, Boom Boom Brigette, The Buxom Beauty with the Bangin' Booty!
Boom Boom Bridgette is a plus size performer who makes all of her own costumes and pasties. She is a woman who definitely shows that being plus size is equally as sexy, changing how people think about full figured women. Boom Boom Bridgette is also the founder of Pin Up Perfection Magazine and the very fun "The Pin Up Perfection Pageant" held once a year in Pittsburgh, PA. She should be The Burlesque Bitch of 2014, "because [she] is told she is a bitch and [she] likes burlesque." She deserves to win "Because she is cute." (as she bats ger eyelashes with her best cheesy smile). And the first thing she would do if she won is "go to Disneyland." You can vote for Brigette by leaving a comment on Boom Boom Brigette's Burlesque Bitch Page. (image below right)


Currently tied for 15th place, Holly Go Darkly, You may have breakfast at Tiffany's but you spend the night with Holly Go Darkly
It's been said they saved William Castle's brain and we know it to be true: One stormy night in the basement of the haunted honkytonk on the edge of town, they put that brain into a girl made from bits of showgirls, flappers, dames, dolls, and molls. Fed with electricity and a steady diet horror films, musicals, and the souls of men that girl became...Holly Go Darkly.
You can vote for Holly by leaving a comment on Holy Go Darkly's Burlesque Bitch Page. (image below left)

Currently in 17th place, Miss Monet MaCabaret, The Judy Garland of Burlesque
Monet MaCabaret recently won 3rd place at The Illinois Burlypicks. She is a Unique variety act that includes Baton twirling, burlesque chair, fan dancing, nunchucks, and singing. In her spare time she loves helping volunteer for events and charities such as; WIMA(Women in Music and Arts), mardi gras at Carnival (restaurant in chicago), ties and tassles fundraisers, Bras for a cause at sidetrax and "The Procession" at Theatre Bizzare in Detroit. She would love more than anything to win because "she works extremely hard at everything [she] does., and she would like to believe that hard work pays off eventually." She Thanks all her supporters and believes "everyone deserves to win." You can vote for Monet by leaving a comment on Monet Macabaret's Burlesque Bitch Page. (image below right)

Currently in 18th place, Maella Cai Vane, Not your average Midwestern gal.
With a career in entertainment that spans over burlesque, modeling, fashion design, acting, and show production, Maella has proven that her talents are as diverse as her performance repertoire. To date, Maella has produced dozens of shows, with a majority being charity-focused events.Maella has been a huge supporter of the LGBTQA & women/children-focused organizations as well as animal shelters. With an addiction to the stage that's reflected in an ever-filling calendar of performances, Maella is proving that she's one to watch!You can vote for Maella by leaving a comment on Maella Cai Vane's Burlesque Bitch Page. (image below left)

Currently tied for 19th place, Kitty Victorian
When searching for the true quintessence of Burlesque, you need look no further than Miss Kitty Victorian, Purrr-fect Ecdysiast. Creating her own original shows and glamorous wardrobe coupled with her essence of seduction and genuine love for performing ensures that burlesque devotees can look forward to plenty more to come! She created DC's only burlesque troupe, The DC Gurly Show, which introduced DC to an exciting new form of entertainment and Miss Victorian's many talents. She has been photographed and interview for articles in The Washington Post, Metro Weekly DC, the Washington City Paper, Washington Blade and Curve Magazine. You can vote for Kitty by leaving a comment on Kitty Victorian's Burlesque Bitch Page. (image below right)


Currently tied for 19th place, Miss Theresa,Venus in furs
Miss Theresa is a part of the Columbus Burlesque Collective. Now just over 3 years into her career, she has developed 21 routines. She recently won 2nd place at The Ohio Burlypicks regionals.Miss Theresa is a professional dominatrix with over 18 years of experience. When it comes to winning, she feels "since [her] day job involves being a bitch, and [she] does love burlesque... it only seems right." She "strives to create a seamless vision for 3-5 minutes with each routine, keeping the whole package in mind for the best experience I can provide." She believes that she is " a dark horse candidate." and would celebrate winning, "with a photo/video shoot to share with everyone." You can vote for Miss Theresa by leaving a comment on Miss Theresa's Burlesque Bitch Page. (image below left)

Currently tied for 21st place, Helena Handasket, She'll get you hot in a hurry
Helena Handbasket was born and raised in the Great American Southwest. A classically trained actress and dancer, Ms. Handbasket made her burlesque debut with The Cheek Of It! Burlesque School in London, England at the famous Madame Jojo's in Soho. Since her move to Chicago in August 2012, she has had the pleasure of performing all around the city at venues such as The Kiss Kiss Cabaret, Plan 9 Burlesque, Debonair Social Club, Untitled, Lincoln Tap Room, and many others. She can be found reciting Shakespeare in thick British accents or watching Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" You can vote for Helena by leaving a comment on Helena Handbasket's Burlesque Bitch Page. (image below right)


Currently tied for 21st place, Zara Estelle, The True Blue Baby of Burlesque
Miss Zara Estelle, recently took 5 Burlypicks titles in Illinois and Wisconsin. Hailing from Milwaukee, WI she moved to Chicago with 17 years of dance training, 10 years of professional performance, 7 years of teaching, and 3 years of burlesque to join the one and only Vaudezilla Productions. This high-energy, high-kicking dance phenom will shock you! From ballet and tap, to hip hop and jazz, Zara Estelle will bring down the house with sheer dance technique alone, and leave you wondering, "What will she do next?"You can vote for Zara by leaving a comment on Zara Estelle's Burlesque Bitch Page. (image below left)

Currently in 23rd place, Miss Satine
Miss Satine, Burlesque Starlet, model pin up, actress, and author of her own autobiographic book "Memories of a Burlesque." Silvia Sorrentino made her notice as actress in the 2008 movie "Il Respiro di Laura" by the director Christian Arioli. In 2009 she conquered the stage performing for the first time in the famous show of the giant Champagne Calix, which made her been appreciated in Italy and over the ocean. She wants to "be the bitch burlesque because [she] represents class ... woof." She will win"because [she's] showing commitment for shaking [her] boobs all over the world." You can vote for Satine by leaving a comment on Miss Satine's Burlesque Bitch Page. (image below right)


Currently tied for 24th place, Bella LaBlanc, The Stepford Wife Gone Wild
During her career she has performed in The Southern Exposure pageant and won best group 2012 with Kubrilesque. She has also hit the stage at The Detroit Dirty Show in 2012, the 1st Michigan Burlesque Festival. Bella will also be competing in The Main Event at The Great Burlesque Exposition in 2014. The House Wife Gone Wild, originally hails from Miami, Florida, but currently calls the state of Virginia home. You can catch her on stages everywhere in the DC, Maryland, Virginia and, Pennsylvania areas. Bella "bowed out to support all [her] other friends that are competing." You can vote for Bella by leaving a comment on Bella LaBlac's Burlesque Bitch Page. (image below left)

Currently tied for 24th place, Cherry Pop Pop Poppins, The MILF of Burlesque
Recently co-produced the Colorado Burlypicks and performed at The Ohio Burlesque Festival. She is a staple of Colorado Burlesque and a member of The Oh La La Presents. You can vote for Cherry by leaving a comment on Cherry Pop Pop Poppins's Burlesque Bitch Page. (image below right)


Currently tied for 26th place, Jonathan Gold, Professional Prestidigitator
Jonathan Gold is a professional magician from Montreal, Canada. His unique presentations are original, astonishing, and above all entertaining. His work draws on traditional conjuring techniques as well as methods he's picked up from card cheats, swindlers and pickpockets. While his sophisticated performance style is geared toward adults, his magic is sure to evoke a child-like sense of wonder. You can vote for Jonathan by leaving a comment on Jonathan Gold's Burlesque Bitch Page. (image below left)

Currently tied for 26th place, Rex Starchild, Burlesque's Favorite Dead Boy
Rex Starchild is a local boylesque performer in New Mexico. He has performed around the country and has been featured in the Hollywood Burlesque Festival and the Southwest Burlesque Showcase. He is, undoubtably, "Burlesque's Favorite Dead Boy." You can vote for Cherry by leaving a comment on Rex Starchild's Burlesque Bitch Page. (image below center)

Currently in 28th place, Pearl Necklace, The Songbird of Burlesque
Pearl Necklace is a classically trained singer who has been performing since she was a small child. She has the ability to sing live while performing, and also has experience playing with fire. She would love to be the Burlesque Bitch of 2014 to "show everyone that someone of size can be sexy." She has taken burlesque to the next level in Phoenix and "likes to bring everyone together and create something like a big burly family." If she won, the first thing she would do is a "happy dance." The second is "community building." You can vote for Pearl by leaving a comment on Pearl Necklace's Burlesque Bitch Page. (image below right)

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