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New York

by Kitty Von Quim

World Famous *BOB*

There are few creatures that sparkle as brightly as the New York Doll herself, World Famous *BOB*. Known all over the world as a beautiful blonde bombshell, World Famous *BOB* identifies as gender fluid. In all pink font World Famous *BOB* tells Red Hots Burlesque that she asks her audiences to see past gender binaries, "...[I] am constantly creating safe space on stage and in the audience for genderqueer people through a sense of inclusion for everybody. No one expects that from a busty blonde, but it works!" World Famous *BOB* has a heart even bigger than her bust, regularly hosting the Legends night of Burlesque Hall of Fame and painstakingly interviewing each legend she introduces. (Not a tough job for a woman who calls herself a "granny chaser.") "I bring 120% of myself to the stage every time I set foot on it and while there are many performers who I feel I share that quality with," World Famous *BOB* tells us, "I feel my ability to create an authentic connection with the audience and still take them on a joy ride is my strength."

WHAT TO SEE IN NEW YORK: "I live in the city that never sleeps which means you can get great food and entertainment at any time! I STRONGLY suggest Vinnie's Pizza in Brooklyn - they have gluten free, vegan, and tasty real meat options and their crazy specialties include pizza topped with perogies and a side of applesauce! Greenpoint has a huge Polish population and Vinnie's embraces that! As for the sights I suggest you check the calendar section of my website and come see a show - NYC's Burlesque and Performance Art scene are inspirational and always welcoming! Come up to me after the show - I can't wait to meet you in person! www.theworldfamousbob.com"

Photo by Deidre Schoo 2011

Originally published at www.redhotsburlesque.com

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This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on Apr 15, 2014.
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