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by Kitty Von Quim


Our Southern beauty from Tennessee, Lux-O-Matic is known as the penultimate in pulchritude. She's got that girl next door kind of charm, especially when she's dressed up as a baseball player full of mischief in her eyes. As Lux-O-Matic says, "Behave badly? Never! Behave naughty? Always! I challenge myself by simply adding one more thing on my plate... if my plate isn't completely overflowing then I get lost and stressed. The more I can juggle the more magical I become: it's the method to my magic." Rhythm and blues of the Deltas as well as the zydeco beats of the bayou flow through her veins, making it no wonder that the Music City beckoned. What makes this gal stand out? "I can come out in a grocery cart and make people laugh their ass off with an uncanny act, while at the same time I can bring my sultry game and make the room hotter than two mice gettin' it on in a wool sock." Is there any wonder why we love a lady who plays with words as much as she does her audience?

WHAT TO SEE IN TENNESSEE: "If plan you visit Tennessee and are a whiskey drinker like me, then you must go to The Jack Daniels Distillery just south of Nashville, and for a little taste of the south in your mouth Arnold's Meat n Three is where it's at!"

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This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on Mar 25, 2014.
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