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NATIONAL TREASURE: Crystal Swarovski

Washington, DC

by Kitty Von Quim


We love the lady who keeps up with everything burlesque from our nation's capital: Crystal Swarovski of Washington, DC has been naked onstage in 19 countries. The CEO of BurlesqueBitch.com, Crystal has a varied resume of festival performances, as well as performances in a music video for MTV's Jackass, as well as starring in the DVD Burlesque Massacre, and is the artistic director of The Caribbean Burlesque Festival. In her daytime this brainy babe recently received her second degree in Political Science. Award-winning for numbers inspired by late director Stanley Kubrick's films, or "Kubrilesque," as she calls it, Crystal is constantly challenging herself as a performer. "I think I am more of a burlesque scientist, not because I think I am more intelligent, but because I tend to see myself as being quite left brained," Crystal tells Red Hots Burlesque. "I always research a subject. I dissect each beat, thinking about how it will play to an audience, and how it works all together, whether it is a 5-minute dance, or an hour long show." She appreciates the duality that her burlesque life offers her: "It is strange though, I hardly ever talk about my burlesque life at school or my school life at burlesque, so to me it is a Clark Kent/Superman kind of relationship I have with burlesque."

WHAT TO SEE IN WASHINGTON, DC: "I love playing tourist in Washington DC. The museums are incredible, and since they run on taxes, there is no fee to enter. A must see constant exhibit is The First Lady inaugural dress display at The Museum of American History and there is always great visiting exhibits, I particularly like the ones at the portrait gallery. The zoo is also free, except note that parking is a bitch."

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This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on Mar 18, 2014.
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