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Happy 10 Year Anniversary Burlesque Bitch!

woop! There it is!

by Crystal Swarovski

     2004 was an exciting year. Facebook was launched as a social networking site only open to students from Harvard. The CIA admitted there was no weapons of mass destruction, Martha Stewart was sentenced to 5 months in prison, and the first same sex marriage was legally performed in Massachusetts. 2004 was also the year of the launch of a lesser known website, Burlesque Bitch.

    You wouldn't believe what this site looked like ten years ago. Instead of the burlesquepedia, it had a section labeled "Girls,"where nearly all the active burlesque performers at that time had a square link to their personal website, with their image in it. I can still remember one of our old e-zine stories, "Marilyn Manson Marries Burlesque Queen." In general, the website had a very cardboard look to it, but that is the way websites looked at the time.

When we re-launched the site, with its new functions, we didn't discuss a fan favorite "Burlesque Bitch" contest, and we didn't discuss The Burlypicks. In fact some of what we did discuss flew out the window, but that's okay. The site is steadily growing and shaping to become a valuable resource for the community. If you miss the old site, take a look in the right column, the woman holding the signs, she's a decade old, practically a burlesque legend.

There are other websites that have popped up over the years, with a similar concept. It is hard to admit sometimes, but competition can be healthy, and makes us all better. I think the thing that stands out about Burlesque Bitch, is that we don't focus so much on how burlesque should we done,instead we focus on celebrating the ways it is being done. I always felt that rules stagnate the growth of an art. When given complete freedom, an art form can take on so many more interesting paths. I think that's why we are trying to keep a really open mind about our what burlesque is and what the website should be.

I do want to thank our new team of writers and photographers; Joe, Kat, Sarah, Clea, and everyone else who has submitted some work lately, and of course the webmeister, for without him, you all would be browsing a notebook of ideas for a fabulous website. I also want to thank the readers, may the next ten years be truly kick ass for all of you!

Please sign in on facebook, and leave some comments at the bottom about what you'd like Burlesque Bitch to be, in the next ten years!

:0 NOW, Go sew something shiny on your bras bitches!

This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on Jan 10, 2014.
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