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by Kat De Lac

Let me just start this off by saying, 2013 was a crazy year for me!!! Kubrilesque, my monthly shows, The Caribbean Burlesque Festival, The Sizzling Summer Nights Tour, and the Burlypics competition. Traveling everywhere as a feature act around country kept me very busy last summer. Looking back at all the places I traveled to, I want to mention It is not an easy thing to travel everywhere, and keep your regular job at home. Traveling costs money and you make some money at shows. The money spent doesn't always add up to what you put in.  Let's face it,  When your thousands of miles away from home  it is eas y to spend too much money. I am thankful to still have regular work at home to make a little extra cash. At one point towards the end of the summer I was on tour every other week for months straight. In that small period of time I traveled the Midwest on tour, went to Jamaica, and California. I won the "Miss Congeniality" award at The Caribbean burlesque festival and "Fan Favorite" in The Burlypics. I met SO many amazing performers and saw some of the coolest acts I have ever witnessed in my career. The two competitons I was a part of over the summer were very glamorous!!!! 

Photos by Markus Alias at the Burlypics in Los Angeles, CA 

The first ever Burlypics in Los Angeles at Fias Do Do was a really great experience. The club was pretty big, located in the heart of West Hollywood, California. Spacious stage and a nice dressing room, the two things any performer most looks forward to in a show!!! The show consisted of two nights of performers  from all over the country and the world. Every performer that was a part of the show were on their "A" games. This particular show didn't compare to your typical burlesque competition. It had the energy and the heart of what is "burlesque".  Often you find yourself paying a bunch of money to have the honor of being part of the show. When you are accepted you pay to dance with other performers that are missing that something. It can really be a bummer when you travel far to do a show that really aren't worth your work. Every single act at the Burlypics ruled earth. I am sure it was really hard for the judges to pick the winners. Some of my favorites of the evening were, Lady Satan with her "Mommy Dearest" act and Sgt. Die Wies with her "Carmen Miranda" act. Amusingly enough, both of those performers are based out of the San Francisco area. It was well worth traveling to California to be a part of what is to be a massive, world round event, starting this year. Check out the gal who won the gold metal, Pearl Lux!! She was also one of my favorites of the night and she was a delight back stage!!!  

Holly Hock from Detroit backstage at the Burlypics 2013

Two weeks later I was laying in the sand, sipping' all the mojitos, in Jamaica!!  One week in the sun with 20 other burlesque performers from North America. Rae and Cheryl from Discordia, two of my closest friends and performers traveled with me. Cheryl and myself were aiming towards the beach as soon as we entered the resort. It was getting dark but that didn't stop us!!!  The Festival was like girl scout camp or "burly scout" camp as I like to call it. I had one of the best times of my life at the Hedonism 2 resort!!! Yes, I said Hedonism. Before you think about all the things you've heard or seen on tv, let me clarify... IT IS exactly what you think!!! A nude beach party with people having a wild time. Un-limited food and DRINKS were a plus to the whole adventure. My favorite snack  at the resort offered was the grilled cheese, sounds funny... it was really good! Plus when you are drunk the thing everyone craves is cheese and bread!!! 

Cheryl and Rae from Discordia and myself flying to Jamiaca

Cherly and Polly Peabody in the water within an hour of arriving to Hedonism

Palm trees are my favorite! 

 Out of 20 of the performers that week, I already knew over half of them personally. Getting to know the other half was cake, everyone was in great spirits and on the same wave length as one another. Often you would find yourself walking around alone and before you know it, you were partying, hard!  One evening Crystal Swarovski, Private Tails, and a few other stragglers were hanging out on the beach  late night having fun. I thought it was a good idea to go swimming because the water was warmer than the air. I remember looking up at Tails screaming, "Something touched my ankle like an electrical socket, I think it was a jellyfish". Drunk out of my mind, I convinced one of my fellow performers to pee on me!!!! I am proud to say, my ankle was peed upon on in at Hedonism. Hahahah!!! Plenty of partying, drinks, food, and friendly conversations were had!!! But honestly, we were there to perform, so let's get back to the big picture....the performances!!!! The featured performer, Xarah Von Den Vielenregen was so fantastic on stage and in person. She is from Germany but now Amsterdam based. Xarah is one of the most seasoned burlesque performers I have ever honor to share the stage with. Watching her was so inspiring!!! Her costuming was beautiful and handmade. I really adored her glitter covered feather fans. As soon as I got back from my trip I started making my costumes bigger, better, and more elaborate. I was exposed to so many great costumes and acts!!!  Zora Von Pavonine and Blaze really knew how to put together a great costume with all of their acts!!! I saw SO many rhinestone covered costumes (THOUSANDS), furs, massive boas, and big feathers. If you have a moment, check out Zora Von Pavonine and Blaze. Zora hails from Portland, OR with the Fringe Benefits. Blaze "The Red Rose of Texas" comes from Dallas, TX. I would love to sit and tell you about every single performer who was a part of the festival, but that would take years ;)!!! I am more than excited to rejoin The Caribbean Burlesque Festival again this year with the other Trophy Winners from 2013. Trophy Isaiah Esquire The Queen Of The Caribbean Burlesque Festival, Zora Von Pavonine, Blaze, Angelique De Vil, Gabriella Maze, Crystal Swarovski, and Paul Nathan. If you considered applying for the festival, applications are up now!!!!!

Private Tails from Washington DC 

Sippin' on a mojito with Crystal Swarovski 

Xarah and myself at the festival <3

The Queen of the Caribbean burlesque festival. 6 feet of beautiful! 

Rae saving the wildlife. This is what she does. We didn't stop her.

Poolside at Hedonism

Hanging out at Ricks Cafe in Negril, Jamaica 

Zora Von Pavonine from The Fringe Benefits 

Dinner with my girls from Discordia 

Hedonism had meows running around... my kind of place. 

My Trophy I won at The Caribbean Burlesque Festival 

Photo by Marshall Bradford with Rae and Cheryl of Discordia 

Photo by Marshal Bradford

Photo by Marshall Bradford

After the trip to Jamaica, Private Tails from Washington DC and myself traveled to Detroit to perform with Dee Luxx at her home town club at The Northern Lights . We had a quick trip to perform and a day to shop! One of the most fantastic Salvation Army donation stores also happens to be located in the "D". Everything was $1.00....... !!!!!!! Check out the location on Michigan Ave. in Detroit. About one week later I had my monthly show, and back on track from the September hiatus. Boo-Lesque at Lava Lounge featured so many performers, my favorite from New York City, Delilah! I met Delilah at the Burlypics in September where  she did her "Beer Glass" number. She shipped a life-size glass all the way from NYC!! When I saw her on stage performing and off stage taking apart her huge prop, I thought to myself, "This gal is pretty awesome."  Amazingly enough, it worked out where I met her in California and she was available to do my show in Pittsburgh. Months have past since that show and my audience and friends still rave about her performances!!! Check her out on Etsy, she makes amazing rhinestone covered pasties as well as other burlesque costume pieces at a great price!!! http://www.etsy.com/shop/DelilahBurlesque .

My beautiful friend, Private Tails and myself in Detroit at the Northern Lights Club

Holly Hock, Dee Luxx, and myself at The Northern Lights in Detroit.

Performing at Boo-Lesque photo by Scott Allen Stafford 

My crew at Boo-Lesque

Between then and now I've had a few of my shows in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA at The Lava Lounge. I have also traveled to Washington DC to join the Old City Sideshow, Reverend Valentine, and Candy Del Rio. I did two shows at The Bier Baron. The Bier Baron has two full service bars, upstairs where the stage is located and in the basement. The stage is small but the crowd is fierce!!! Since I have been performing with Kubrilesque recently, Washington DC has become one of my second burlesque homes. One of my favorite things about DC is even if a performer isn't in the show, the come and support anyways. I ran into SO many of my burly-q friends in the two days I was there. The one show I performed at with Candy and Rev was a criminal themed show. I busted out my old act as Patrick Bateman from American Pyscho and Lorena Bobit!! My last show in DC that weekend was with the DC Kings at a really cool bar, Phase 1. Those guys made me feel at home. The show was on a Sunday yet it was still packed to the gills. 

Makin' that paper at Phase 1 with the DC Kings 

Reggie Bugmuncher of the Old City Sideshow based out of Philadelphia and myself! 

Reverend Valentine and Candy Del Rio at The Bier Baron in Washington DC 

I also traveled to Philadelphia in December to join the forces of The Squildling Brothers Side show, Miss Liberty Rose, Hayley Jane, and other awesome performers at the Carnivalution Christmas!!! I love side show and burlesque, the two combined is pretty damn perfect. 

Miss Liberty Rose and Hayley Jane at Carnivalution Christmas 

Matters Squildling of the Squidling Brothers 

Madeleine Belle at Carnivolution Christmas

What a fabulous Spring, Summer, & Fall I had!!! It's currently a whopping 2 degrees outside in Pittsburgh right now. I am covered in blanket drinking hot coffee and my bones are still cold. That's okay though, because in 9 days I will be in sunny California on tour with my favorite people, Sgt. Die Wies, Jocelyn (Discordia), and Rae (Discordia). "The Bringing The Heat Tour" will be hitting LA, Santa Barbara, and multiple dates in and around San Francisco, January 19th through the 25th. 2014 is looking to be bigger and busier. 

Here is what I am up to between now and April....

Thursday, January 9- Glamour-Lesque at Lava Lounge in Pittsburgh, PA

Burlesque featuring:
-Kat De Lac-Pittsburgh, PA
- Mia D. Vine- Chicago, IL
- Holly Hock- Detriot, MI
- Cherie Sweetbottom- Washington DC
- Bella La Blanc- Northern Virginia
- Smokin' McQueen- Pittsburgh, PA
-Just Jingles- Pittsburgh, PA
- Pookie Pseu- Pittsburgh, PA

Bringing The Heat Tour with Jocelyn and Rae of Discordia (Cleveland, OH), and SGT. Die Wies (San Francisco)
- Sunday, January 18 - The White Horse- Berkeley, CA

-Tuesday, January 21- Bar Lubitsch- Los Angeles, CA with The Hollywood Jane Revue

- Wednesday, January 22- Velvet Jones- Santa Barbara, CA

- Friday, January 24- TBA SF
- Friday, January 24- Kat De Lac at El Rio with The Red Hots

-Saturday, January 25- The Stud with Womanopoly- San Francisco, CA

Thursday, February 13- Totally Heart-Lesque at The Lava Lounge in Pittsburgh, PA

Burlesque Featuring: 
- Kat De Lac- Pittsburgh, PA
- Smokin' McQueen- Pittsburgh, PA 
- Scarlett Letter- Los Angeles, CA
- Ms. Theresa- Columbus OH
- Miss Liberty Rose- Philadelphia, PA
- Hayley Jane- Philadelphia, PA
- Sideshow with Reggie Bugmuncher- Philadelphia, PA

Thursday, March 27- Booty-Lesque at the Lava Lounge in Pittsburgh, PA

Burlesque Featuring:
- Kat De Lac- Pittsburgh, PA
- Nina La Viox- NYC
- Miss Poison Ivory- NY
 - Private Tails- Washington, DC
- Viva Valezz- Columbus, OH


-Burlypics Pennsylvania Competition-
Thursday, April 17, 2014
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