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Thank you to Everyone who Contributed to The Toasty Toes Campaign

To turn the heat on for Miss Toni Elling!

by Crystal Swarovski

Toni Elling was born and bred in Detroit and that's where she began her burlesque career, after nine years racism prevented her from being promoted from her job as a phone operator. In 1960, 32 years of age, Elling took to the stage, billed as Duke Ellington's protégé. Elling was introduced to the world of tease from her friend, the famous statuesque exotic dancer, Rita Revere. The flashy names Elling associated with never kept her from making it on her own. Through hard work and dedication, Elling toured the country as a triple threat ecdysiast; singer, dancer, and stripper. It was a very tough climb up the ladder for Elling, as African American strippers, in those days, were not paid as well, or able to work in all the clubs. Elling's story is an inspiration to burlesque performers and women of color. She continues to perform today and supports the new performers that pursue burlesque. 

Toni Elling currently resides in her Detroit, Michigan home, with a brand new boiler and some other modest home repairs, thanks to her friends and fans who contributed to The Toasty Toes campaign late last year. Detroit Michigan is a long and cold winter, now it won't be as cold for Miss Toni. The house still needs a lot more work, and a hired hand to do some repairs, if anyone would still like to make a contribution, please contact me at: [email protected]



Toasty Toes would like to send a warm Thank you to those who have made contributions: Adorascotch,  Akynos Shekera, Miss Alex Kennedy, Allen Lee, Amelia Koskey, Andrea Campbell, Anna Rensi, Annie Savoy, April O'Peel, Arabella Allure, Bambi La Fleur, Becky Lou Burlesque, Bella LaBlanc, World Famous BOB, Bobby Barnaby, Bourbon Rose, Miss Bunny Pistol, burlesque shows montre, Brandy Valentine, Candy del Rio, Champagne Sparkles, Chave Alexander, Cherry "Killer" Tomatoes, Cherokee Rose, Cherry Galette, Christina Tall, Cinderela wonders, Colleen McC, Courtney Hermann, Creatrix Tiara, Dainty Dandridge, Dakota House, Danger Maus, Dangrrr Doll, Darlinda Just Darlinda, David W. Scott, Deb Delicious, Dee Dee Pepper, Delilah, Delilah Jones, Diamondback Annie, Doctor Lucky, Dolly Debutante, Donelle Tamburello, Dusty Summers, Ed Barnas, egyptblaqueknyle, Emi Kane, Erika Pierre, Ezi Rider, Flo Foxworthy, Forbsie Flare, FoxyTrot Burlesque, Frankie Valentine, Freya Potempa, Gabriella Maze, GiGi Holliday, Gin Minsky, Gina Bon Bon, Goldie, Goldie Goldstein, Gypsy Louise, Herbie Henderson, Holiday O'Hara, Holly Go Darkly, Honey B. Goode, Ida Claire, Jamie Penticoff, Janelle Smith, Jennifer Johnston, Jennifer Liang-Chaboud, Joe Mays, johnotto, Jolie Stripes, Jorah Kai, Lady Josephine Burlesq, Judith Stein, Karina Dale, Katelyn Coyle, Katherine Gardner, kccmpbl,  Kiarna Boyd, Kitten Natividad, Kitty Baby, Kitty Von Klawson, Krista Smith, Khristina Smith, Lena Fantasia, lachicaboom, Lili VonSchtupp,  Logan Bruch, Lola LeSoleil, Lori Selke, loungewithjohnny, Loxie Arcane, Lucy Sky Burlesque, Madeline Sinclaire, Mtheresao, Mae B. Caustic, Maria Portnoy-Huber, Mary Berry, Megan Buday, Melissa Mack, Miyuki Divine, Mysterion The Mind Reader, Nathan James & Benny VandenAvond, Nevadadust, NicCole Weinberg, Nikita Bitch Project, Nina Nightshade, Nona Narcisse, NuttyBoltz, Paul Oeser, Paula Sjunneson, Phaedra Wells, Pixie Parcelle, Queenie Von Curves, Queertini Time, Redherring Productions, redbonempls, Rex.Von Curves, Ryan Rogers, roz28, Sailor St. Claire, Sassy Stiletto, Satans Angel, Selwyn Woodworth, The Shanghai Pearl, Shanon Doah, Sheila Addison, Siren Santina, Miss Sophie Champagne, Tadbit Nasty aka ChiChi Roniz, Tea Just Tea, Teddy M, Thescoop2, Miss Tiffany Blue tsandfo, Tiffany Carter, Ursula Undress, Vag Jenkins, Violet DeVille, Vivian MirAnn & Gilded Cage Burlesk, Vixen Valentine, Vonlivid, Whitney Moses, www.facebook.com/joinmedancing, wsours, Zora Phoenix & BurlesquePDX.com

 Thank you,

from, Crystal Swarovski and Burlesque Bitch


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