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America's Got Talent Season 9 Auditions Open Now

by The Webmeister

So the other day a guy from America's Got Talent calls me up (no big deal) and wanted some help on getting the word out to the Burlesque community about AGT auditions.

Most of you should know about AGT by now, since they're probably the greatest variety show on television, and no offense to those with Idol hands but it kicks the competition's ass.

You might remember The Slippery Kittens, Olivia BellaFontaine, or Michelle L'Amour from their performances on the show ... And if not, here are some YouTube links:

The Slippery Kittens on AGT

Olivia BellaFontaine

Michelle L'Amour

Either way, the folks at AGT want more Burlesque and I think we should give it to them.  Don't miss your chance to make a great first impression in person.

If you live in Denver, you've got only a day to get ready, but those in Houston, Indianapolis or LA get some more lead time.

Thanks to [email protected] for the heads up, and go ahead an contact him if you have any questions.

Contact Email: [email protected]

This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on Dec 05, 2013.
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