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Viva Valezz proves 40 is the new sexy!

by Teddy Sephina

A perfect Viva quote:  "I'm a middle-aged dyke...but a fucking sexy, talented, middle-aged dyke."
So I'm fast approaching the Big 4-0, which I thought I'd be okay with, but I'm starting to cringe the more and more I think about it...and look in the mirror.  I definitely don't look like I did when I was 20.  So self-confidence and feeling good-looking or sexy are not what I'm emoting.  But then I talked with Viva Valezz, a well-known burlesque dancer, founder of Fierce! Queer Burlesque, and a driving force behind Columbus, Ohio's thriving burlesque scene, as well as introducing the bustling, city-style burlesque performances to smaller towns.

The woman behind Viva Valezz is a performer in her 40's and proud of it.  She's sexy, she's confident, and proving, in a big way, that women can be, and are, just as sexy and able to exude sexuality through the use of their bodies as they did when they were younger.  Maybe even more so, what with emotional maturity and wisdom being other reasons why they come out stronger, more beautiful, and much more alluring in their performances.

Viva is a persona.  The woman behind Viva isn't always like the way she is on stage.  And that's the point.  Being able to cloak herself in the image that is Viva allows her to be everything she strives to be, like role playing.  Any self doubt, any lack of confidence, any worries she's not sexy, are all shed and cast aside when Viva hits the stage.  And as the world seems to be shifting and embracing all body types, Viva and her Fierce! troupe also prove that many different types of people are sexy, and able to show that what's alluring is not necessarily what the media hypes as sexy, but what the performer him or herself feels is sexy about themselves.  Fierce! plays on what audience members are there for, be it sexy, playful, coy partial nudity or more, humor and enticing talent.

I personally have found older women to be more attractive than those in their 20s, mainly because of how they carry themselves, and the talent and knowledge they've honed over the years.  Everyone has a body.  But how you carry it, how you use it, how you act and emote are what make some look sexy, and otehrs look like they would rather be wearing a burlap sack and hide every part of themselves.

Viva taught me that it doesn't matter how you're built.  It doesn't matter what the media projects sexiness to be.  What matters is you feel good about yourself, and you don't have a to be a burlesque performer to be sexy at any age and body type.  You could go to a show, watch how others beckon the audience to want more, and take that home with you for your own personal life.  But the woman behind Viva chooses the stage to be everything she sometimes shies away from in real life.  But, no doubt, she is just as sexy, just as talented and bawdy in real life as she is on stage.

Now I am flirting with the idea of being a performer.  Though not a pasties-wearing, gyrating hip kind of performer, but a gal in a suit, with no shirt undernearth, busty cleavage showing, a bit of make-up on but butch hair style, and performing that way.  Hmmm.....maybe Viva has a point.  I'm starting to feel sexier already just thinking about that getup.  And it comes from something inside me.

So try it.  There's something inside you that is everything you want to be.  Put that outfit on.  Or wear nothing at all.  And knock their socks off.  In public or just in your room.  

Either way, you're sexy.  

Yes, you are.

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This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on Jul 25, 2013.
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