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Disco-Blood-Showers & Carpet Burn

Cocktails with Clea

by Clea Cutthroat

Me from Pinky's Peepshow "Vive Le Pop". Photo by: ©Paul Green

Fashion! Turn to the left
Fashion! Turn to the right
Oooh, fashion!

It is still summer in Berlin (eyes, fingers, toes and legs crossed that it STAYS!)
 …AND it's fashion week!
We are the goon squad
and we're coming to town

"Beep Beep" is right David! The streets of Berlin are packed with models, model-wannabes, designers, fashion-hangers-on, glitterati, paparazzi, parties, free champagne, and unicorns!

Ok, sorry, I keep exaggerating about the unicorns. However, they are kind of like having lobster tacos at catering. It's a fantasy, but just maybe, if you ask enough, they will come! (It's the Field of Dreams of the performance world, LOL).

But, all fashion excitement aside, let's take off our stilettos, put down the Prada purse, grab a glass of champagne, sit down, and rewind to last week.

There's a brand new dance
but I don't know its name
That people from bad homes
do again and again
It's big and it's bland
full of tension and fear
They do it over there but we don't do it here

Last week in Berlin, was "Vive le Pop!" night at Pinky's Peepshow.  Pinky's is one of the precious gemstones in the Berlin burlesque scene.  From classic to grotesque, diva to circus, bizarre to slapstick…Pinky's hosts a kaleidoscope of international performers.  This last week was Mad Kate, Frau Pepper, and I, hosted by the notorious Anita Drink & The Shredder from Berlin's own
TrANNYWRECKonica,  punk-glam-disaster, Eat Lipstick.

Anita Drink & The Shredder from Eat Lipstick. Photo by: ©Paul Green

Mad Kate served us Bowie realness, and teased us on a giant mirror full of magical party powder. Frau Pepper delivered cheeseburger fierceness, while showering in Coca-Cola and schooling us in shaving 101. I threw down some old school Paula, wig snatching Britney, and tied a big Madonna red bow around it all with an "Express Yourself" glitter-disco-blood-bath. 

It's loud and tasteless
and I've heard it before
You shout it while you're dancing
on the whole dance floor
Oh bop, fashion

Covered in powder, blood & glitter, Mad Kate & I high-tailed it from the club (champagne in hand, of course) and jumped onto the Bonaparte tour bus, heading to outside of Paris, at the Festival Le Rock Dans Tous ses états, and the next night to OpenAir St.Gallen in Switzerland. First time being back together since our tour in the States, it was like a family reunion…with blood, glitter, bunnies, champagne showers, finger paints, and aerobics. 

Panorama pic by Mad Kate from Bonaparte at OpenAir St. Gallen

As, the tour bus returned to Berlin, and signs of fashion sprouted along the sidewalks, I knew I had a lot to look forward to, but first I needed a shower, a drink, and a band-aid for my carpet burned knees..


My knees are all cut open from the carpet they put on the stage in Switzerland! NOT from what you may, or may not be thinking, LOL! During the show I quickly remembered why I should never do continuous knee slides on a rough carpet.  Luckily, when I realized that it wasn't fake blood streaming from my knees, my MacGyver instincts kicked in and a bottle of vodka was there to disinfect my wounds.

Vodka. Should be in every showgirl survival kit.

But, now back in Berlin as I take this week to celebrate models, non-models, designers and fantasy...

As, I look forward to some free champagne and flowing chit-chat…

I slap on a bandage, pour myself into my fishnet bodysuit, secure my weave, and gloss my lips to death cuz tonight I'll be at Cookies, voguing up a storm with my partner in crime, dancer extraordinaire, the fabulous Quincy Junor.

Oh, bop, do do do do do do do do
La-la la la la la la-la

So, turn the Bowie up, reach thru this screen and grab your free champagne and celebrate!

I don't know what tomorrow has in store for us, but tonight…it's celebration bitches ;)



No recipe necessary, just pop & enjoy!

…Till next time!


Clea Cutthroat

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