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Thanks for the Jeans!

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by Kat De Lac

Hello world!!!!

The Litterbox has been so full!!!! Time for your update on the scoop!!! The past couple of weeks have been a wild ride to a bigger and better journey!!!

 I produce a show at Lava Lounge my home town of Pittsburgh, PA! The idea of my show is to show my city what a burlesque show is without seeing the same performers over and over again. Every show features a handful of burlesque and variety from around the country to join me for a fun-filled no stress show. How does one describe Lava Lounge? Imagine walking into the middle of volcano where the girls are beautiful, the whiskey flows freely, and the music is cranked up to the max!!! Pretty much a 'rock n roll' party every day of the week!!!

 This past show was show #4 for me at Lava Lounge, the theme for the evening was Hot-Lesque!!! I featured a troupe "The Red Hot Heathens" and Dot King from Cleveland, Ohio!!! This show also included Sgt. Die Wies (San Francisco, CA), Eyrie Twilight (Philadelphia, PA), and Smokin' McQueen (Pittsburgh, PA)!!!  It was a lot of fun bringing together friends of mine that I have been joining the stage with for the past couple of years to one place. The night was flawless, the crowd showed up, and the burlesque was on point. Couldn't have asked for a better show!!! Fresh off of the stage at BHOF, Sgt. Die Wies came with confidence and spirit!!!! As soon as she hit the stage, everyone in the room had smiles from ear to ear. Let me just say if you can pull off a routine to a black metal song, you are good in my book!!!! Show #4 was the start of what now is a monthly event. What a way to kick off the summer!!! The party didn't stop there…That was night one of three days with Miss Die Wies!  Her and I took a mini road trip to Philadelphia and NYC for the remainder of the weekend.

Our day trip to Philadelphia consisted of hot dogs, cheese steaks, and power shopping… what more could a gal ask for with a show and only 12 hours to get it all done. That time frame also includes sleep, in which we lacked on. Reggie Bügmüncher booked us at Ortliebs, a famous jazz and blues venue located in North Liberties!!! The place is s dimly joint with vintage ambience. Reggie really made us feel at home. As a performer that travels all over the country I find this isn't always the case. I didn't feel critiqued when I hit the stage, I felt completely in my zone and comfortable.    

 Philly really brought the "love" it is so famously known for.  Let me just say "Thank you" to the man who gave me his pants at that show!!! One of my acts I performed that night was Garth from the movie Waynes World. As I was getting my costume on I realized I forgot my jeans. Missing this piece of my costume was bad news. I ran around half naked backstage searching for someone, anyone with jeans. One guy, only one had jeans on… so I begged him. Explaining that without his jeans I wouldn't be the Garth I needed to be. Without question I soon was wearing his jeans!!! We finished our night at Ortliebs with a round of shots bought by the bartender. If you ever find yourself in Philadelphia check out Ortliebs you won't be disappointed. We left Philly all smiles ready for some New York City action to blow off some steam.

 In New York City we met up with Hazel Deville, a longtime friend of Sgts from San Fran but recently re-located to city. We spent most of the day walking around Coney Island for the 31st mermaid parade with our host Hazel. I love being a part of hundreds of people dressing up and parading the streets. If you've never been to the Mermaid Parade or Coney Island you are really missing out!!!  Worth it even if you go and ride one ride, "The Cyclone" or eat a Nathans Famous Hot dog on the boardwalk.  Not only were adults dressed to the nines but so were the kids, the whole community really came together that day to celebrate.  Sunburnt and still dressed in our costumes we said good-bye to Coney Island and took a subway to the original 'Shake Shack' located in Madison Square Park.  We waited an hour in line for one of the best burgers and chocolate shakes I have had on the east coast!!! From my understanding people have waited 2 to 3 hours for the glorious patty and dairy product. By the end of the night we arrived to a swanky tiki bar called "Otto's Shrunken head". Real Blowfish lights over the bar, a DJ spinning oldies tunes, and piña colada's that would blow your mind. I have been to this bar numerous times and it never disappoints!  Make sure you bring your dancing shoes!!!

  I am pretty sure I am still catching up on missed out sleep still a week later. This past weekend I performed in Cleveland at The Foundry with a couple of bands and Discorida. Discordia is a troupe based out of Cleveland featuring four beautiful women, angel grinders, and fire with a cabaret feel. I have been performing with them for a little over two years between Cleveland and Pittsburgh. I am honored to announce that this summer you can find us touring together nationally and internationally!!!

    The next time you can find me will be with Kubrilesque in The Capital Fringe Festival this July at the GaLa Theater at Tivoli Square!!!                                                                                                                               -Kat                                         

  www.facebook.com/pages/Kat-De-Lac/134260330088402?fref=ts                                                        www.facebook.com/reggiebugmuncher                                                                                               www.facebook.com/discordiagirls                                                                                    www.facebook.com/pages/sgt-die-wies

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