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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What exactly is a Casting?
A. A Casting is basically an interactive "Want Ad" looking for someone in the Burlesque community. Post a Casting if you're trying to find performers for a show, people to join a troupe, or applicants to a festival. People responding to your Casting will fill out an Application and submit it.

Q. Why is there a date Open and Deadline?
A. This allows you to control when applicants can begin submitting to you, and when they can no longer submit applications. Please enter all dates in YYYY-MM-DD format; for example, October 1st, 2013 would be written as 2013-10-01.

Q. What's the Paypal Code for?
A. If you are charging an application fee you can put in the code for a Paypal Button, which applicants can use to submit payment. Adding Paypal Code will also add a dropdown menu to the application, allowing you to track whether or not the applicant has paid their fee. Simply choose "Edit" while reviewing the application to make the change.

Q. What's Visible Status mean?
A. This adds dropdown menu to the application, allowing you to track an applicant's status. You can switch status to "Submitted", "Under Review", "Accepted", or "Rejected." Simply choose "Edit" while reviewing the application to make the change.

Q. What are information boxes?
A. When you create a Casting you can add up to 100 information boxes for an applicant to fill out. By default each Casting has a box for Name and Email Address, but you may want to also request an applicant give you a phone number, or a website url. If your Casting is a Festival Application you may also want boxes for the Act Title, Act Description, Act Length, Act Music Choice, Set-up / Clean-up instructions, Lighting Cues, etc...

Q. Can I edit the information boxes after the fact?
A. You can add additional information boxes, but you shouldn't change their order after any applications have been submitted, it could result in the applicant's responses being scrambled.

Q. How can I review my Applicants?
A. On the "Review Apps" page you can review all submitted applications you're authorized to review; this includes applications from Castings you've posted as well as for castings you've been authorized to review. To authorize others to review a Casting you've posted, list their Facebook IDs in the "Additional Reviewers" box, separated by commas. These others can get their Facebook IDs by clicking HERE.

Q. How can I review my Applications?
A. On the "My Applications" page you can review all applications you've submitted. You can freely update your application after it has been submitted, and the original poster will be notified of the change via email

Please address any other questions to:[email protected]

NOTICE: As of July 2020 features which require facebook login suport will no longer function. If you used Burlesque B* for applications and need access to your data, please contact [email protected]



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