Burlesque b*

2019 Regional Winners

New Jersey Regional April 5th, 2019

Dandy Dillinger
2nd Place!
Holly Ween
3rd Place!
Elsa Riot

  • Master of Improv: Billie Daze
  • Master of Lip Sync: Fox Squire
  • Master of Comedy: Holly Ween
  • Master of Amazement: Dandy Dillinger

Michigan Regional April 19th, 2019

Tad Snug
2nd Place!
Ruby La Louche
3rd Place!
Kitty & Eris

  • Master of Tassels: Dish Delish
  • Master of Assels: Ada Vice
  • Master of Lip Sync: Tad Snug
  • Master of Comedy: Dotty Dart
  • Master of Amazement: Kitty & Eris
  • Masters of Collaboration: Ada Vice & Hannah tyhe Hatchet

Missouri Regional April 20th, 2019

2nd Place!
Felix Felicis
3rd Place!
Sugar Rush

  • Master of Tassels: Anastacia Vulgar
  • Master of Assels: Felix Felics
  • Master of Improv: Sugar Rush
  • Master of Singing: Sultry Solé
  • Master of Lip Sync: Sugar Rush
  • Master of Comedy: Korso
  • Master of Amazement: Korso
  • Masters of Collaboration: Itaidoshin

Utah Regional April 26th, 2019

Mone't Ha-Sidi
2nd Place!
Havoq Luscivia
3rd Place!

  • Master of Tassels: Bella Fire-Ray
  • Master of Assels: Havoq Luscivia
  • Master of Improv: Mone't Ha-Sidi
  • Master of Singing: Bunny
  • Master of Lip Sync: Rogue
  • Master of Comedy: Mone't Ha-Sidi
  • Master of Amazement: Havoq Lusicivia
  • Masters of Collaboration: Salty Peaches Twerk Team

Washington D.C. Regional April 27th, 2019

Ophelia Zayna Hart
2nd Place!
Scarlet Starlet
3rd Place!
The M'OH Fuckers

  • Master of Tassels: Lady Bladie
  • Master of Assels: Scarlet Starlet
  • Master of Improv: Scarlett Ropeburn
  • Master of Lip Sync: Ophelia Zayna Hart
  • Master of Comedy: Knox Gently & Scarlett Ropeburn
  • Master of Amazement: Delilah Dentata

Wisconsin Regional May 3rd, 2019

Agnes V. Julie
2nd Place!
Rossa di Sera
3rd Place!
Effy Red

  • Master of Improv: Betty von Dragon
  • Master of Comedy: Gipsy Luz
  • Master of Amazement: Lulù Txispun

Ohio Regional May 4ht, 2019

Miz Juicy Jem
2nd Place!
Ruby Spencer
3rd Place!
Amoxie Vilain

  • Master of Tassels: Neoma de Echo
  • Master of Assels: Bella Morte
  • Master of Improv: Ramona Rocket
  • Master of Singing: Ramona Rocket
  • Master of Lip Sync: Samantha Echo
  • Master of Comedy: Shrimp Cocktail
  • Master of Amazement: Amoxie Vilain
  • Masters of Collaboration: Hot Dammes

Wisconsin Regional May 4th, 2019

Belle Folle
2nd Place!
Chris Stone
3rd Place!
Daisy Chains

  • Master of Tassels: MadameCalypso
  • Master of Assels: Simona Signoret
  • Master of Improv: Kacie Jay
  • Master of Singing: Madam Lacy
  • Master of Lip Sync: Mama No Shits
  • Master of Comedy: Daisy Chains
  • Master of Amazement: Chris Stone
  • Masters of Collaboration: Cerfited Sexy Burlesque

North Carolina Regional May 19th, 2019

Cheeky DeVine
2nd Place!
Sterling Maxwell
3rd Place!
Purrrl VanDammit

  • Master of Improv: Dahlia Vee
  • Master of Lip Sync: Sterling Maxewell
  • Master of Comedy: Cheeky Devine
  • Master of Amazement: Lady Gatita

Nevada Regional May 31st, 2019

Miz Charlamay
2nd Place!
D.D. Darlin'
3rd Place!
Anita Brassiere

  • Master of Tassels: D.D. Darlin'
  • Master of Improv: Abby Dandy
  • Master of Singing: The Sweet Siren
  • Master of Comedy: Anita Brassiere
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