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2018 Regional Winners

New Jersey Regional April 6th, 2018

Broody Valentino
2nd Place!
Lee VaLone
3rd Place!
Holly Ween

  • Master of Improv: Broody Valentino
  • Master of Singing: Lillian Bustle
  • Master of Lip Sync: Lee VaLone
  • Master of Comedy: Regina Stargazer
  • Master of Amazement: Broody Valentino

Michigan Regional April 20th, 2018

Celeste Ve Dette
2nd Place!
Kitty and Eris
3rd Place!
Endora Emerald

  • Master of Tassels: Black Eyed Bliss
  • Master of Assels: Loretta La Rioux
  • Master of Singing: Lillith Von Hal
  • Master of Lip Sync: Veronica Lockhart
  • Master of Comedy: Kitty and Eris
  • Master of Amazement: Celeste Ve Dette

Missouri Regional April 21st, 2018

Vixen Kitten
2nd Place!
Goldie Goldstein
3rd Place!
Allura Fette

  • Master of Tassels: Romany Jewel
  • Master of Assels: Basic Boy
  • Master of Improv: Blipey
  • Master of Singing: Goldie Goldstein
  • Master of Comedy: Goldie Goldstein
  • Master of Amazement: Vixen Kitten

Arizona Regional April 28th, 2018

Mia PiaCherrie
2nd Place!
Ivana Schtupp
3rd Place!
Desire d'Amour

  • Master of Tassels: Desire d'Amour
  • Master of Assels: Taryn Garters
  • Master of Improv: Visa V
  • Master of Singing: Ivana Schtupp
  • Master of Lip Sync: Dionysus Khaos
  • Master of Comedy: Eva Destruction

Italy Regional May 4th, 2018

Milla Fellini
2nd Place!
Racy Ros
3rd Place!
Dory Dubois

  • Master of Improv: Viridi Flora
  • Master of Comedy: Gypsy Luz
  • Master of Amazement: Astrid Wanderlust

Ohio Regional May 5th, 2018

Femmi LeFreak
2nd Place!
Samantha Echo
3rd Place!
Hot Dammes

  • Master of Tassels: Thrilda Swinton
  • Master of Assels: Butterfly
  • Master of Improv: Dahlia D'Luxe
  • Master of Singing: Luna Eclipse
  • Master of Lip Sync: Samantha Echo
  • Master of Comedy: Dandy Longlegs
  • Master of Amazement: Ramona Rocket

Nevada Regional May 11th, 2018

Molly Boom Boom
2nd Place!
Aya Fontaine
3rd Place!
Strawberry Tallcake & Luna La Vie

  • Master of Tassels: Alice Wonder
  • Master of Assels: Caramel Knowledge
  • Master of Improv: Cheeky Cerise
  • Master of Comedy: The Intergallactic Group
  • Master of Amazement: Tia Cione

Washington D.C. Regional May 12th, 2018

Bebe Bardot
2nd Place!
Scarlett Ropeburn
3rd Place!
Bearcat Betty

  • Master of Tassels: Murphy Lawless
  • Master of Assels: Scarlet Starlet
  • Master of Improv: Scarlet Starlet
  • Master of Lip Sync: Twinkle Motherfuckin' Toes
  • Master of Comedy: Scarlett Ropeburn
  • Master of Amazement: Delilah Dentata

Pittsburgh Regional May 19th, 2018

2nd Place!
Ellie St. Cyr
3rd Place!
Bella Sin

  • Master of Tassels: Kay Cee Sunshine
  • Master of Assels: Moon
  • Master of Improv: Kay Cee Sunshine
  • Master of Singing: Ellie St. Cyr
  • Master of Lip Sync: Butterfly
  • Master of Amazement: Amoxie Vilain

Wisconsin Regional May 19th, 2018

Gabe & Martina
2nd Place!
Mercury Stardust
3rd Place!
Bella Morte

  • Master of Tassels: Bella Morte
  • Master of Assels: Bella Morte
  • Master of Improv: Mama No-Shits
  • Master of Singing: Aurora A'Leur
  • Master of Lip Sync: Mercury Stardust
  • Master of Comedy: Mercury Stardust
  • Master of Amazement: Gabe & Martina

Utah Regional June 15th, 2018

Florida Regional June 16th, 2018

California Regional June 30th, 2018

Veronica Voss
2nd Place!
Kiki La Chanteuse
3rd Place!
Will X. Uly

  • Master of Tassels: DeeDee Queen
  • Master of Assels: Amaya Absynthe
  • Master of Singing: Kiki La Chanteuse
  • Master of Comedy: Trixie Rene
  • Master of Amazement: Will X. Uly
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