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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What's the difference between a Main Act and a Masters Act?
A. Your Main Act is your entry into the Best Act category, for the chance to win 1st place at the Regional and move onto the the Main Event at the Finals. Your Main Act can be 2-8 minutes in length and will be considered for the Main Prize, but ALSO be considered for a Masters Award. The additional Masters Acts are 3 minutes or less and will ONLY be considered for a Masters Award. You will only be allowed one act in the show to be considered for the main first prize. Submitting additional, shorter Masters Acts is just to give contestants the chance to showcase specific skills and talents that are different from what they are showcasing in their main act. (i.e. If someone sings and dances, perhaps they want to submit their dance piece for the main act, but also enter the singing competition. They can submit their dance piece for their main act, but also enter the singing competition, for a chance to win the best singer category.)

Q. Can I apply for more than one act for the Best Act category?
A. Yes, but only by submitting more than one application. Each performer or group of performers will only be allowed to have one act up for the Best Act category, so if you submit more than one, no more than one will be chosen. It is worth noting that your Main Act might be accepted and your Masters Acts might not. It is also possible that one of your Masters Acts will be accepted but not your Main Act. Not every Game or Masters award will be awarded at every regional, awards will be selected based on applicants for that regional.

Q. What if I'm not available to perform on the date of a regional?
A. I'm sorry you missed your shot at that one, however, there are regionals taking place all over the world on different dates. If you know you're not going to be available for your local regional, there may be one not too far away you can compete at instead.

Q. Can I compete in more than one Regional competition?
A. Yes. We will allow a performers to compete in multiple regionals in any given year, provided they do a different act. If you win in a regional, you will not be allowed to compete in the second one, but instead may feature your act as a non-competitive act.

Q. I'm in a group as well as in a solo act. Can I perform in the same Regional in both acts?
A. Yes! We love group acts, so we encourage members of a group to also apply as individuals if they have an act they want to bring to the stage. For all intents and purposes; you, your duet, and your group act; are all separate acts. You may also be involved in more than one group act.

Q. What do Regional winners win?
A. Aside from the chance to compete in The Finals, where there will be a cash prize, and sponsors will be providing prizes and swags, regional winners will receive a smaller cash prize, the amount depends on the city and scale of the regional event. If the event is bigger, your cash prize will be larger.

Q. What do winners of Master Awards and the Games win?
A. Those who win a Masters Award get to compete for the Masters Trophy in that category at Finals. Those that win in the Games will also get to compete for the trophy for their game at Finals. They also receive shiny medals.

Q. Who gets to compete at the Finals?
A. The 1st place winner of the Main Event, the winners of the Masters Awards, and the winners of the Games. If the 1st place winner cannot make it to the Finals, then the runner up will be invited... if that runner-up cannot come then the next runner up will be invited, and so on. The top 6 fan favorites, as voted in the online competition also get automatically in, without having to compete at regionals.

Q. Is this contest rigged?
A. No! Producers try their best to select judges who come from different disciplines, to ensure that the best act, regardless of style will be equally considered. Judges who judge at any of the regional competitions may not enter for the year they judge. Those who work in production at any given event are not allowed to compete in the regional where they're working. Their involvement in a regional grants them no preferential treatment during selection or judging into a different event.

Q. I won a title last year, do I get invited back automatically?
A. No, sorry. If we kept inviting people back, the shows would be the same every year, and the world moves too fast for that. Last year's title holders must compete in regionals, like everyone else, for a chance to compete again. However, we may invite some title holders back to judge, present an award, or feature a non-competitive act.

Q. Is there any other way to get to perform in the finals, if I am good enough, but didn't win a regional?
A. Yes. We also offer the People's Choice Awards where the public will vote for their choice at BurlesqueBitch.com. The 6 top ranking performers will get automatic entry into the finals. The winner of the People's Choice gets the title of Burlesque Bitch of the year, along with their own blog, featured on BurlesqueBitch.com, and a trophy awarded to them at Finals. Fan favorites may enter the games at a regional event, being a fan favorite only gets them into the main competition.

NOTICE: As of July 2020 features which require facebook login suport will no longer function. If you used Burlesque B* for applications and need access to your data, please contact [email protected]



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