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2016 Regional Contestants

We are proud to announce the 2016 Burlypicks Regional Contestants for OHIO . Learn more about them by viewing their Burlesquepedia entries.
Alice Rotten
Ava Adore
The Rock and Roll City Babe
Bella Sin
One Of The Deadliest!
Master of Tassels
Betty LeRoux
Bianca Coal
Bombfox Sasha
Boom Boom Bridgette
The Buxom Beauty with the Bangin' Booty!
Cherie Blondell
She's the reason why they say blondes have ...
Master of Improv
Dahlia D'Luxe
2nd Place!
Dimples Diamond
3rd Place!
& Master of Assels
Eileen Galvin
She has legs for days and beguiling ways.
Eliza Sidecar
The Cleveland Chameleon
Master of Singing
Honey Merlot
Kay Cee Sunshine
The DISCO INFERNO of Burlesque!
Lady Basham
Luna La Creme
the Cosmic Sweetheart Burlesque Babe!
Master of Comedy
Mary St Jaymes
Noella DeVille
Curves So Dangerous They Could Kill
Rena LaMarr
The Ohio Honey
Alice Rotten
Rubi-nesque, Neo-Burlesque Performer
The Renaissance beauty with a nouveau style...
Master of Lip Sync
Sami Sparxx
Queen of the quick costume change
Shrimp Cocktail
Trulie Scrumptious
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