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2016 Regional Contestants

We are proud to announce the 2016 Burlypicks Regional Contestants for COLORADO . Learn more about them by viewing their Burlesquepedia entries.
Master of Tassels
Auralie Wilde
Queen of the Quickie
2nd Place!
Bang Bang Von Loola
Master of Assels
Beau Creep
Betsy Bootknocker
Master of Lip Sync
Bootzy Edwards Collynz
Bunny Bee
Chairmyn Meow
The Commie Kitty of burlesque
Chakra Tease
The Sexy, Flexy Goddess of Zen
DeeDee Cupcake
Jiji DeLuge
The sexy cat lady of burlesque you won't be...
& Master of Amazement
Kerri 'n Fuego
Lucky Charming
3rd Place!
& Master of Improv
& Master of Comedy
Mary Vice
Master of Singing
Mona del Rio
The Black Magic Woman
Penny Ruffles
Rayne Tuesday
Roxxy Reckless
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